Friday, January 01, 2016

Last Year ~ New Year

This. This may serve to represent everything I wish for you, and you, and you... bliss, warmth, contentment, optimism, health and plenty, security, affection, humor, faith, love. Ada and Tasha, Foo, Chango, all the chicas, even our fish, and us, wish everyone a Happy New Year!

Yesterday I was still reading birthday wishes and sweet messages that came through FB. Are you on FB? I know it can be the cause of all kinds of headaches, and modern maladies, but the telephone was once a new fangled thing, mail, telegrams, chatting around a table and sitting in chairs, were novelties, once, too. Well, anyway, I can't express well enough how touching it is to read kind words from friends and family, to make connections around the world. I couldn't, practically, stay in the moment and connected with Spain, and Oregon, Massachusetts, Australia, Florida; it seems difficult enough getting together with neighbors! And so, I felt kind of giddy, and special, with each funny picture, each thoughtful gesture and remembrance from people I know, people I miss, people I care about, and I think it is a very cool thing to send and receive those moments. And of course there were face to face moments, too, and regular post, and phone calls... I loved it all. Thank you.

What else... I'm not sure I was ever entirely convinced that yesterday was the last day of 2015. The very last one. It was a pretty last day, and we did some nice things, like visiting our pets, sweeping, watching Alex's Scotland slideshow, making our special NYE drink... frosty pineapple juice topping pomegranate juice with lime pop, in fancy glasses! We toasted the New Year about East Coast time! Cousin Nick joined us, and they're all snoozing, now. And. I guess now is the new year, 2016. I am still letting this sink in.

Last year...
Nasturtium leaves, and sunshine. Cool days, cold nights, and rain in the forecast.

Tasha and Ada, and leafy alfalfa.

Drought lawn, and cat. Mister Foo rolled in it, and the sunlight.

Orpington feathers from the bobcat attack. Chickens won: Chickens 13, Bocat 0.

She lays blue eggs.

Indian Hawthorn, Spring Sonata. White-pink blossoms, and blueberry blue berries.

Seed pod, Douglas iris.

Foo watching us watching him.

Yes. Rice pudding. Technically, it's all mine. The entire dish of homemade rice pudding. But only because I am the only one here who likes rice pudding. And by "likes rice pudding," I mean holds it in honorable esteem, fondly recollecting the autumn of 1975 when I tasted my first rice pudding at a potluck in a barn, in Carlsbad California, and have become fixated on a mission: find that same flavor and texture, the hiraeth of rice pudding. There really are no words to fully express how deeply Ruth's gift touches me, but I will say, Thank you, from my heart and soul.

New year... well, it's just begun, and we hardly know what is in store for us. I am hoping it's about peace growing, spreading, taking a firm hold on us all. I'm wishing for rain, and snow, in all the right places, and sunshine where that's needed, too. I am crossing my fingers for people to stop idling their cars in front of schools, sitting with windows rolled up and ac churning, waiting around for the world to feel comfortable for just them without caring a wit about the air, the ozone, the stink... yeah, that. I am thinking about the new year teaching me a thing or two, about managing my time, growing, daring, doing more, speaking up, moving forward.

Just this morning...

It's looking very nice, so far.


Alicia said...

your animals seem so happy!! :)
The blue eggs are said to be good for cholesterol but I am not sure.
Happy new year!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Feliz Año Nuevo, Alicia!
If blue eggs are good for cholesterol... pues, que bueno!!

Jennifer said...

Every moment, captured and enjoyed and considered ~~ so many adventures lie just ahead, especially when life is *noticed* and loved. Hurray!