Thursday, June 09, 2016

Chicken Gifts :: One Hundred Sixty

We love our chicas. We love their eggs. We love running chickens, dust bathing chickens, chatting chickens. And we love-love-love Carol for sharing the hilarious, real, and daring saga of "Voyage d'Yvinec - Guirec Soudée"... that is, Guirec and his little red hen, Monique!

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.

I wish I could find a link for the subtitled version of this that plays on FB. I could watch this again, and again, and again. But from the start, even I, chicken lover extreme, knew that chicken adventures, and highlight reels of this fantastic voyage, were only half the story... where's the poop deck?? I wondered aloud. Chickens are cute, darling, and clever, even making dear companions, but no chicken story is whole without some feather brained antics and mess... lol.

Then I found this... and my appreciation for Guirec and Monique was increased and sealed. They're the real deal.
Oh, Carol. You've given me a terrific chicken gift! Thank you!

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