Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Now We Are Those People Who Have All Those Cats

Chango Biddy Bongo, El Cubano. I've also taken to calling him Our Grandpa, because he is old, kindly, wise, a bit curmudgeonly, and has a lot to say about stuff he thinks is important, and we like that about him. In fact, many of his stories begin with Well, when I was boy... and then we know he's going to talk about his battles, and the good old days. He's a great grandpa. He likes to whittle, too.

Mister Washburn Foo. Buttflopps. Ninja. The Fooster. Foovius Maximus. He has his own album on the FB, and people seem to think it's because he's "so cute" or "so sweet." But really it's because he is so weird, and essentially anti-social, unless he decides to bestow his awesomeness on you. I've often mistaken his attention for affection, but objectively I need to understand that my thighs are simply ample, warm places for napping or perching. Foo is a practical cat.

And this... this is Neo Cairo Nepenthes. Couscous. Jon Snownothing. Chupi Cat. Tribble Kitty. Our baby Boo. And now, once again, we are those people, who have all those cats. It's wildly entertaining, fun, silly, hilarious, and has been making us laugh and gather regularly to see what the wee one is up to, now! Naturally, I have not limited our obsession with Cairo-Nepenthes to our home, but have celebrated his cuteness all over the Internet, frequently, mercilessly. I will continue in this vein for quite some time, because I want to. (insert maniacal laugh here)

June 1... waiting on Max's lap while I dash into the market for more cans of tuna-something-paté.

June 2... Another nap with a circle of admirers cooing over him.

We know he misses his kitty mommy, because he does this. A lot.

June 4...

The first week he was with us he mostly slept and ate, and teetered with tiny, uncertain feet on bowed legs. But with lots of kisses, and snuggles and cans of tuna-something-paté, he plays more and more everyday. He has even coordinated his pounce.

It's great to be around the moment the play has worn him out, because suddenly the very thing that made him romp and tumble, puts him out, like a light. It happens suddenly.

William stands by his original assessment: This is a bushbaby. (Just go to Google images. I think William is correct.) The bushbaby has been playing hard... he might just be worn out...


Both Foo and Chango have been respectably cool about this newcomer. Yes, they've hissed, grumbled, even booped Cairo on the tush. But, overall, we're witnessing a peaceful integration. It's a welcome attitude to observe.

He really is a small wonder, right, Grandpa Chango?

Neo... Greek, new
Cairo... Arabic, meaning "the victorious"
Nepenthes... Greek, figuratively "that which chases away sorrow"

He is definitely a happy tonic for us.

Welcome to our Bird House, and hearts, Neo Cairo Nepenthes~

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Tracy Batchelder said...

Never a dull moment with a little kitten in the house. The napping picture is adorable!