Thursday, July 07, 2016

Anniversary :: One Hundred Eighty Six

Let's see... the first year is paper, the twelfth anniversary is silk. But the modern suggested anniversary gift for twelve years of marriage is pearls, or colored gems. I remember we called our 13th anniversary the concrete anniversary, in honor of all the work being done to our El Rancho home. We've enjoyed a silver anniversary, but apparently the chart is blank until we've hit thirty years. That's kind of lame. Let's play... what would you say is a fitting gift, or symbolic commemoration for twenty-seven years of wedded bliss? Yarn? Breakfast burrito? Mustard? Reading glasses? A new mattress?? Over our morning date, Geoff said, "I'll take you anywhere," and I replied "I'd follow you anywhere." He still makes me feel gaga.

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.

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Jennifer said...

Of course, just of course, we happened to have celebrated our own 27th anniversary in late May. We thought, too, that those lists need to be updated and filled out (filled in?) with more -- ideas? rewards? awards? for celebrating all these magical years. It does seem, too, with each year that goes by there is more to be mindful of celebrating, of holding on to, of remembering. I personally would find "breakfast burrito" to be entirely fitting and magnificent.... We splurged on a fancy-pants bottle of wine that I vow we will open one day this summer to enjoy. In any case, cheers to you both! Congratulations, celebration, and just straight-up "hurray!"