Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Kitty Grew :: One Hundred Eighty Four

We missed him, and Chango and Foo, too. We knew he would be safe, happy, cared for, while we were away. And we knew he would grow, as kittens do. But we couldn't be sure if he would be the same, if he would still be sweet natured, have a mop of fluffy, disarrayed fur, if he would be still a kitten, silly, playful, if he would remember us. Foo is still Foo, and Chango is still our old man Grandpa cat, and Neo Cairo Nepenthes is still a kitten, and all the good that entails. And he grew, which is also good.

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.


Anonymous said...

I bet he was pleased to see you. How he's grown! I think he'll always be a kitten - my border collie Belle is still my puppy (and acts like one all the time) and she's 8! My daughter says I've puppyfied her and she's a perpetual pup! I totally understand how good it is to be back home. There's nothing like all your own stuff around you - and your own bed! Welcome Home!

Jennifer said...

The tender reminder that it is the living things we share our lives with that reflect the richest and most important stories; they do change and grow, and so much more perceptibly when we are reunited with them after an absence.