Monday, September 26, 2016

Recuperating :: Two Hundred Seventy One

We have two patients recuperating at the Bird House. Patient number one, the cat, is rambunctious, frisky, disobedient, furry, and an utterly deplorable patient. He has summarily dismissed each of the veterinarian's instructions for post-operative care, including throwing off his cone of shame. Sadly, recent accounts of our kitty do not paint him favorably. Except that the last few days have been trying, he really is a darling. And judging by how limp-lifeless and deeply he finally fell asleep, we think he is being restored to his former, superior, self. Our second patient is sniffly, and sweet, congested, and cooperative, coughing, yet kind. Poor Maria. Seems it cannot be back to school without a fall cold to go with it. With the help of comfy pajamas, Little Women, hot tea, and her collage journal, she is coming along. It's such a sad and loathsome thing to feel unwell. I send warm wishes, to all. It would be so wonderful if we could always recuperate with comforts and love, patience, understanding, other favorite things, and loved ones for company.

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.

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Adaliza said...

Hope you're feeling better very soon, Maria - and the cat!