Thursday, September 29, 2016

Wide Open Places :: Two Hundred Seventy Four

My favorite place to get hay, and feed, and gatitos, is out east, up hills, 'round bends, out to the wide-open places with the big skies. And on this trip, I came around a curve in the road to a sight so beautiful I exclaimed aloud, and pulled over for a better, longer gaze. Pictures rarely do these things justice, and I am not too proud to admit that this little snapshot is nothing compared with the real thing. The clouds were looming and climbing up the sky... yes, billowing. And that particular spot, off the road, where you can see the Lake Hodges dam, where the valley opens up, like pulling back a curtain to the backcountry, it feels like an edge of the world. It's a preview of what lies ahead, and beckons me to favorite places. I like the invitation, even if I cannot attend.

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.

In other news, I did not bring home this hen, though our eyes met and we knew we could be good for one another. I did not bring home the fresh batch of black and white kittens, surely siblings of our own fresh, tuxedo kitty. Also, I escaped the tender pleas of the wee tabbies, who were not only cute, but also adorable, and appealing. Immodestly, I congratulate myself on having some semblance of good sense. What a triumph!

I did bring home more pictures of the sky, of this oak tree, and clouds. I remembered to bring home orchard grass, lay crumble, and cat food. And I brought with me the rekindled inspiration that I feel in wide open places with big skies, and welcoming vistas.

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