Friday, October 14, 2016

Hello, Boston :: Two Hundred Eighty Nine

It looks old and busy and charming. We saw the Charles River and little islands. We rode under the harbor. Worcester is Woost-a. The moon rose between tall buildings, and almost full, it's shining overhead. We can see our breath in the night air, fallen leaves are everywhere. From the plane the world looked splashed in swaths and laced trails of brilliant orange. And I can only begin to describe the warmth and grace of our hosts, their home, the way it feels to be here... Magical and comfortable, familiar and good. Can you tell I'm breathless with... with, what's the word? I feel excited and eager and relieved and very much like a lucky winner. A lucky, lucky winner. 

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nikkipolani said...

What it sounds like is that you're rooted in the moment, soaking every last drop to savor for years to come.