Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Little Farm & Musings :: Two Hundred Eighty Seven

All is well on the little farm. Some of the hens have begun a molt. The ground is a bed of leaves, pine needles and feathers. It looks like an artists' canvas, a romantic fabric print. Fiona has been requesting quiet time, away from the flock. I think she's been feeling under the weather, and it makes me anxious when a hen is unwell, but sometimes the very best thing that can be done for them is to give them what they seek... space, time, some extra attentive care. I've been letting her enjoy private dust baths, longer visits beneath the bamboo, and thankfully she is looking brighter, pluckier.

The goats won't molt, but I will start watching them for signs of a cold winter. Tasha's beard may grow longer! Ada grows an extra coat of wooly fluff beneath her corse hair. Maria once brushed out enough wool to collect, and then she combed it to separate the roving wool from the straight hairs. With the long hairs she made a paint brush, and then she felted the wool! It was a funny brush, and a very small piece of felt, but a fine experiment for a young girl on a little farm.

Since joining Instagram, I've found where many of the bloggers I used to follow disappeared to, and discovered that keeping chickens, and goats is practically synonymous with the app. In spite of my years at this pastime, with my infatuation, upon browsing the hundreds and hundreds of postings, I feel like an utter chicken novice, again. And too, I cannot deny, I feel a bit long in the tooth, redundant. My goodness there are a lot of gifted, talented, hard-working, prolific people sharing their dishes, their art, their musings, their stitches and yarns, fallen leaves, and chickens! I never fancied myself a 'standout,' but it does feel rather silly to go prattling on, when it's all so eloquently, vividly covered, already.

Three-hundred and sixty-five minus two-hundred and eighty-seven equals seventy-eight. A Picture a Day has been a happy project, and I don't mind seeing it through to the end. After that... we'll see. Maybe the new year will be for 'A Picture a Week.' Maybe I will pursue something all together new.

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.

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Jennifer said...

It's so easy to think that others are doing it better, and to forget how many are likely drawing their inspiration from YOU! No one's story is the same, so never stop telling yours.