Saturday, December 31, 2016

Come on, New Year! :: Three Hundred Sixty Five

We've all heard it... this year, 2016, has been awful (mean, cruel, a mess, tragic, the worst.) Just, like... well, you know. One hardly can stand to list the losses, and crushing disappointments. And I know perfectly well, it's no good making 2016 a scapegoat for all of our grief and frustration. 2017 will have its challenges, too, I am sure... yeah, pretty darn sure. Sigh.

Anyway. We thought we were about to suffer one more heartache, one more wth?? Cairo got very sick, and we spent the whole day waiting to find out whether he was going to have to go through major exploratory surgery. And. It sucked. We cancelled our Happy New Year plans, and fumbled through our day feeling sad and lost and utterly stressed out, because kitties are sweet innocent furry muffins of love and should never spend new year's eve in a clinic, enduring needles and procedures. And then we got a happy ending (pricey, but happy.) He's ok. No surgery. He might have eaten a bad spider? We don't know. But he's alive, and that's great.

Ooph, 2016, you have been something. Good, and bad, and frankly surreal. Good-bye, good-night, and good riddance. Thank you for leaving us with our furry muffins of love, and for 99 more good things. We loved our trips, our friends, the good food, and all the making we did. We are grateful for each of the many great things that did not go wrong, truly. But, let's end this year, now. And start over. Let's move forward.

Happy New Year, friends... and best wishes! Wishes for good health, laughter, kindness, inspiration, time, resources, support, courage, bright ideas, tasty food, bodacious gardens, glitter, glue, new shoes, and a picture a day that you take with your heart and keep in your mind, in joy.

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.


  1. So utterly and entirely relieved that Cairo's adventure has had a happy ending. It's kinda like the year -- right? -- scary and unpredictable and definite, measurable pain points but we came through it all right. We'll carry on more determined, perhaps a little wiser, and just a little more giddy with gratitude when, indeed, so many things DO go right. Love and pictures!

  2. Oh, so glad to hear Cairo's okay! He is one loved cat, and it shows. Happy 2017, my friend.

  3. Hope Cairo's still doing well. Happy New Year to all of you, from all of us over here in Winchester, UK.

  4. Our Cairo is as cute, mischievous, and laugh inducing as ever. We knew that we were facing the possibility of something awful, and the relief and gratitude still makes us sigh, and smile. Thank you, friends for asking, for sharing our happiness.

  5. I miss your posts...

  6. I had a dream about you -- well, actually "your" house and Maria. Very involved, though I don't remember the parts with Maria very well. Your kitchen was farmhouse style with high ceilings and one wall had framed form (paperwork?) of some sort (duplicated a la Warhol). There were dozens of them hung edge to edge from floor to ceiling. Someone (Geoff?) came in to show me an all-white Jack-in-the-box costume that you step into and then inflate.

    Hope all is well with you, Natalie, and that 2017 has been good to you so far.

    1. Lol... Honestly, this could be closer to a reality than surrealism than I'd like to admit. *wink*
      I seem to be in a protracted stretch of 'figuring things out.' I sure do appreciate you coming by.

  7. Start blogging again!


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