Monday, December 26, 2016

With Warmth, Welcome Winter

Well! We did it again! And once again, I think opening the doors for Solstice may be one of my favorite nights of the year.

The first time, was 2012, and we were just trying to survive the Mayan calendar calamity! Apparently, the secret to overcoming the end of the world, was to make eight trays of enchiladas and share them with friends!

In 2013 we just figured why not make this a tradition? A brilliant idea!

We had to settle down and recover in in 2014, but good things happen, even when you least expect it!

Last year was epic! Viking epic. By this time we were already confirmed for this year, 2016!

Mark is making pies! Cream pies. This one is coconut, and it was most happily enjoyed, so were Stacy's bars, Leslie's Turkish delight, the pecan pie, the brownies, the hot chocolate!

Our "theme:" Pasta, and virtual reality, with some MTG, robot and Lego action. Honestly, anytime you ask friends to come with food, to play... you've got a party!

Huge props to James for bringing the virtual reality set. Unreal! But, like, totally real!

With the controls we were drawing in 3D space, making snow, teleporting, intense stuff. The visuals were stunning. James made a lot of people really happy with this experience.

We like Hugs Reality, too. It's real.

Leo, Carol, and Grace~

Kelly and Natalie~

Kelly and Paul~

Here we have a bot crew, Ido, Geoff, and Darrahl, tinkering, developing, making, and playing.

Ido is programming in Scratch, to operate a Lego robot through a tablet. He's working on making low cost learning projects with Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Love this.

Throughout the evening this little robot evolved and developed, as everyone took turns modifying and experimenting.

Avram, Coram, and Sanjana getting into the Vive.



Coram, and Amira, and our feast!

Anna B and me~

I remember being totally impressed at the powers of concentration Corey, Alex J, and Max have... playing Magic the Gathering in the midst of all of this!

Gordon and Bambi~

Paul and Leslie~

{Every time I write down these names, I have this compulsion to add little hearts. If you can, just picture me smiling, and thinking We know such wonderful people! *hearts*}

Bobbie and Darrahl~ *hearts*

Simon, Bambi, Alex, Grant, and Paul~


Ido and Geoff, and lights~


Celine, Kaleb, Paul, Grant, and Clark~


Tim and Lisa~

Gordon taking his turn with the Vive.

Ido and Leslie~

Kaleb~ He built a boat that carries a motorcycle.


Bambi and Alex~

Celine and Camille, Alex R, and Leslie~

Simon, Leo, Spencer, Bex, and Maria~

Grace's tree. *hearts*

Alex R, Leslie, and Spencer... who is about to get his turn!

It's snowing!

The Anagram Sisters, Maria and Amira~

And room for a new sister, Bex~

James and Celine~



Jennifer said...

All so warm and wonderful, so welcoming of the light, the fresh start, the beginning. And that APRON -- oh my <3!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

It was good. Of course it brings me to the oft repeated question: Why aren't we neighbors??
And that apron, from Ikea, it was like my hero cape, saving me by looking good... well into the party, my brain reminded me: *Weren't you going to shower before the guests arrived, or at least brush your hair?* Timing-wise, sometimes my brain is not as helpful as I would like.