Tuesday, March 28, 2017

28 Doggo Blog

It's the first full day of Doggo Days at Camp Bird House, and we are having a good time. While Patrick and Mahshid enjoy some travel during their spring break, we stepped in to have the opportunity to play with Sofie and her little sister, Stella.

If goats are like vegetarian dogs, then Stella and Sofie are like miniature sheep! (Which only proves how little I know about sheep!) They're so woolly... so appealingly, run your fingers through my wool, woolly. And they like to come up and sit right up against your leg, so you feel like your one in the flock.

Hello, Stella. Are we in the same flock?

Hello, Sofie. Sofie's still deciding which camp activities are her favorite. Stella likes collecting flowers in her tail, running along the trails, and visiting the goats and chickens. Sofie may be debating whether a spa-resort camp would have been more to her liking. But she does approve of carne asada, and looking for Cairo's rats.

They're fun company. We think so... the cats are... well, the cats are appalled. It's true. Even though both doggos have been calm, respectful, good sports, it's a fact that our cats are not warm hosts. Mister Foo hides. He just looks completely aghast, and retreats to the furthest, least accessible corners of our home. Chango doesn't look distressed. He's seen it all, in seventeen years, but he's got no time for new anything, so he's giving these doggos a wide berth. Cairo is actively protesting, visibly demonstrating his objections with long stares, stink-eye, hissing, and a haughty kind of tail swishing that reads like a heavy verdict. Cairo patrols the railing of the landing, where he can look down on Stella and Sofie. And the doggos? They have too many admirers to visit, corners to sniff, places to explore, tidbits to enjoy, so only occasionally do they glance wistfully at Cairo, as though to say, Get your tail down here, and let's play!

Personally, I cannot resist these soulful eyes. Yes, Sofie, I will play with you. Let's go find flowers and look for bunnies.

You can play outside, or inside, with doggos.

You can take selfies with doggos... of course, they may posses more charms.

More character.

We still have chickens and robots, goats, gardens, yarn, deep thoughts and other musings, but for at least a few days, this will be a Doggo Blog... get your tail down here, and let's play!

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.

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