Thursday, March 30, 2017

30 Icelandic Wool Nice

Grant is home from Iceland. And he brought me a wonderful, thoughtful gift. But wait... let me tell you something else, first. It's so much fun when one story inspires another, gets raveled up into another...

Okay, so I've been crocheting these red beanies, ala Team Zissou, and I made one for Grant, on the eve of his trip to Iceland. The next day we took our Da Vinci Automaton to a school STEM event, and to go with his fresh, blue paint we gave him a team beanie... well, this woman complimented our presentation, and the particulars of what Da Vinci could do, then she touched his beanie, and said, "But what I am really interested in is this hat. I've been looking everywhere for a crochet pattern, so I can make a beanie for my trip to Iceland." So... lol... my Team Zissou Beanie for BOoM Nerds is developing an Icelandic connection. I explained to her how I make the beanie, and I think she caught on. Now I am trying to write down a real pattern, too.

Grant went all over Iceland, then Denmark, with his brother Clark, and my red beanie! I feel well-traveled by proxy, and it was fun to see him wearing it, especially as the pictures were in amazingly beautiful places. And when Grant came back into town, and came by to share pictures and stories, he gave me a skein of genuine 100% Icelandic wool yarn. Red, of course. Too perfect. I set right into it and I am already wearing my own team beanie! I've decided they are lucky hats, good for adventures, deep thoughts, and other musings.

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.

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Jennifer said...

Have I told you that we're going to Iceland for a week, in August? Seriously. (If Grant has any insider tips to share, please do pass them along!)