Sunday, April 16, 2017

16~ Hello Easter

Easter. I could go through the archives of this blog and pull up all sorts of evidence. Evidence that decidedly proves that I am forever dropping the ball when it comes to Easter. Sometimes, rarely, we have success... really lovely occasions, to be sure. But there are far more accounts of melted chocolate bunnies, empty baskets, and general confusion. Never mind all that. This year I let the day arrive quietly, with no big demands, or expectations. We invited our friends, Paul, Janece, and Amira over to share in our No plans for Easter? gathering. We made five, or more, different salads, and I hid a basket for Maria, and another for the big kids, which included croutons for the salad. William baked his beautiful challah loaves. Everyone was on hand in preparations, and clean-up, and that was wonderful. Did we decorate eggs? Uhm... No. But we may, yet. We played badminton, and thanks to Amira, we all learned how to make white glue and borax slime, which was loads of gooey weird fun. Hello, Easter. Welcome hope and spring, and re-birth. We needed a gentle, quiet day, no less full of reflection and gratitude, but slightly less sugar infused, fancy, demanding. Maybe next year we can get the families together, which I would dearly love, and maybe someone will grill lamb, or we can try our hands at pysanka eggs, but I think I will retain this new tradition of allowing for a quieter, gentler, slightly less demanding celebration.

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.

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Jennifer said...

Easter is the one that gets away from me, too; it somehow feels like one too much -- a day of too many expectations. It's not just about a lovely meal, like Thanksgiving, and the Easter basket doesn't quite have the luster of a Christmas gift, and while I love a chocolate bunny as much as the next person I just don't seem to have the energy to do up Easter. I got as far as hard boiling the eggs but we never did color them. We did have a nice dinner, and hung out and relaxed and didn't feel compelled to go anywhere, so that felt about right.