Saturday, April 15, 2017

15~ Something New

One of my favorite souvenirs to bring home from travels is new ideas, new points of view, new inspiration. Geoff, Maria and I stayed in a very nicely appointed, charming Airbnb home, with a particularly marvelous sleeping alcove. We can't quite manage to build an alcove room, not yet, but we decided it's time to ditch the wonky-dirty-sad blinds in our bedrooms. And while I don't count myself as an instinctive decorator, we did achieve something wholly satisfying. Between Geoff's patience and DIY skills, and Ikea's simple and tasteful selection... the entire enterprise was much easier than it might have been ( I still found it a bit daunting.) These results in Maria's room have bolstered my enthusiasm, and I am looking forward to finishing the installation of something new in our bedroom!

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.


gm said...

Those are lovely. :) And I get ideas every time we go to Portland too (we go to visit my sister's family.). :)

Jennifer said...

I so need to do curtains in our bedrooms!!!