Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Oh, How I Miss You, Chikckenblog

My Picture a Day, and other musings, have been on the back burner, and I miss all of it. I even miss consistently mistyping chicahkebcblog chickenblog. Now we are home from our trip to Portland and Albany, and I have about a thousand new pictures, and even more stories to share. So. Hopefully. Fingers crossed. I will be back at my desk, blogging away, scratching the surface of my deep thoughts.

And while those thousand, or more, photos are loading from my camera, and phone, I will amuse myself with pictures of Neo Cairo Nepenthes and his menagerie of ratty-rats. The ratty-rats that he adores, sings to, poses, stalks, hunts, slays, collects, sleeps with, hides, and cherishes.

And one picture from Christmas morning when Cairo thought Bambi's slippers were a new kind of ratties from Santa.

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