Monday, May 15, 2017

15~ Chicken Inspiration

Maria and I love Mako, who is by far our mildest and friendliest hen. She loves to be pet, to be held, to be admired and sheltered. She's not exactly at the bottom of the pecking order, but those Silver-laced Wyandotte hens are way too much, and Mako has a rough go. Sit with us, Mako. We will make sure you get a share of the treats, and loads of loving.

Does anyone remember when I made it Year of the Shelf, here at the Bird House? My factory had a temporary shut-down, when Frankenrouter broke down, but that's over now. Geoff manufactured new parts for our homemade CnC mill, and he rebuilt the computer... it's all been quite an undertaking. At last, Frankenrouter is humming again. Geoff wasted no time putting the mill to work, and he cut and rough sanded 35 of my shelves. Thirty-five! I've never known Geoff to do anything in a small way... he is generous, all the way!

Now, I am fine-sanding the pieces, preparing them for gluing and painting. And lo! I do have my work cut out for me... literally! It's happy work, and as you can see, I have happy company! The chickens, both inspiration and distraction, were fascinated by my busy activity. If I can read their wee minds, I believe they were astonished that so much effort produced no edible treats!

Also, Lady Thompson wanted me to observe that she ought to be the model for my next design, and rightly so. My first effort looks plain and silly compared with her noble visage.

Sanding shelves, with Maria by my side, talking about school today, and summer, next month. Finishing the rough edges, smoothing the burrs, with all of my dear chicas milling about... it was a good pastime.

This is Thompson, or Thomson, or Tamsyn. The pretty Cuckoos all look alike.

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.

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