Thursday, May 18, 2017

18~ Fresh Air

With considerably less grace than a pale swallowtail, I flitted all over the yard following this beautiful butterfly. And of course, I had my phone on hand, which thrilled me, because when it did land, I got to take pictures, along with a slow, appreciative and reverent look. See the feathery texture, admire the iridescent colors, the way the blue looks like pointillism. It was the most promising beginning to a day that was very good, outside.

The picture went straight to Instagram, and my head went straight to The Butterfly Song...

Butterfly – glad to see you back again
Come and rest your wings my friend
I promise not to pin you down
Or even frown
If you have to fly away
Into someone else's dream

Our hollyhocks are back... the ones I planted four years ago, that bloomed last year. Somehow, I totally failed to collect seeds, and I had been so eager to do that, to share them with friends. Alright, this year. This year I will collect seeds, and share them. And if I fail to follow through, then I hope someone will barge in and intervene, because it's ridiculous how muddled I've become. It's useless to let pride get in the way... I need shaking up.

(The fresh air and time digging around in the garden may be doing me some bit of good. Isn't admitting there's a problem the first step in solving the problem? Let's hope so.)

More evidence of my muddled head... I've finally planted all of the seedlings we bought from two plant sales. That was... what? Maybe two weeks ago. Three? I called everyone outside, to join me, and to lift heavy things. Happily, everyone was obliging. Alex and Max moved soil bags. Maria planted the tomatoes. The chickens.... the chickens kept us amused, and so did the cats, and the goats.

How long did it take me to find this bit of whimsical art planted in the garden bed? Answer: Too long! Bambi made it from found and salvaged bits. I'm glad it watches over this distressed watermelon sprout... I think it will help it rally and thrive.

At least some things in the garden, and my life, are managing under my less than graceful care... the Spoon tomatoes we planted last year, moved from the garden bed, over a fence and beneath the old apricot tree, where they are lush and thriving, again. The wee tomatoes are almost annoyingly small... cute, and tasty, but not too easy to harvest from their overgrown, jungle vines. Our fingers are crossed for the Berkeley Tie-Dyed, the Blue Beauty, and Juliet tomatoes.

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.


Jennifer said...

There is little more soul-satisfying than time spent in the garden like this -- observing, harvesting, planting, being. Magnificent.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

I am excited for you, and the prospect of having a new garden area being developed in your backyard! Also... sorry about Spring, and the jump to high Summer! That was a mean trick.