Monday, July 10, 2017

10~ A Bit Obsessed

Well. Now I think about it, I am not sure which obsession I should be addressing with the title of this post. Initially, this was all about boba tea, and the cravings that have been overtaking my thoughts, but then I remembered that I already posted all about it... on Instagram. Seems like everything is going to Instagram, and poor Chickenblog is playing second fiddle. I am a bit obsessed.

Green milk tea and Jasmine green milk tea, and either of those with those lightly sweet, gummy tapioca pearls called boba, have been singing me a siren's song ever since the first one I ordered for myself, June 7th. Yes, I know the date and place and occasion, because it was that yummy. And I've had two more since then. And I am ready for another. On Instagram I was reluctant to post the picture, because it didn't seem good enough. When I started posting to Instagram I had this self-imposed ideal that I would try to share only special pictures, dear moments, better quality images of meaningful subjects. Nothing too commercial or superficial. A bit silly, I know, and it comes to this, I love the memory of the one I had when Lisa and I went to see the play in the Park. I love that it was part of a lovely evening, of a needed break, and an uplifting outing. I love that Geoff and I shared the second one, when celebrating our anniversary, how we were all piled into the van, enjoying sights and activities. And this one... it was a balmy afternoon, with beach crowds in town, and again, we broke with routine and enjoyed a treat. So, even though it's only a plastic cup of an icy drink, I look on it with a smile, and recollections of pleasure, and good company.

As for Instagram... I guess there is pleasure and good company, there, as well. Blogs really do not keep the company that they used to, though I cannot seem to cut the habit. It's refreshing, and slightly sweet, like a cool summer treat, to post pictures, and engage with friends, and see their pictures, and enjoy new views, and the happy moments shared. Instagram is like an uplifting outing, with some surprises, new flavors, inspiration. Instant gratification, long-lasting impressions.

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.


Jennifer said...

I still seem to feel that Instagram is for "special" and that I'm rarely ready with something worthy, but I do love seeing what you post -- wherever and whenever you post it! Ah, and nothing like having a special summer beverage that can be looked forward to, and reflected back upon with such wonderful memories....

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Every time I see one of your Instagram posts I get the happy feeling that we're that much closer, that I'm enjoying a moment of your day. It's more immediate... anything you see would be worthy!