Sunday, July 09, 2017

Seven Eight Nine


Friday we left the Bird House for an explore... out to see the sea and whatever else struck our fancy. We ended up at La Jolla Cove, where we scored the best parking spot, and sights that never disappoint. The marine layer was heavy, obscuring our view to the north but giving the cliffs of Torrey Pines a dreamy, mystical look, and emphasizing the University, Scripps Pier, and our next destination, Birch Aquarium. We watched the cormorants tending their fledglings, sea lions basking in the sun, and the beach steadily filling up with sunbathers, beachcombers, divers, swimmers, kayakers, people like us... out to enjoy the beauty of the day. After exploring the Aquarium, we all wanted something refreshing and decided on a stop where we could get boba tea, onigiri, kapa maki, and origami paper. Origami paper isn't "refreshing," but Maria was thirsting for some more!

Back home, we settled in, fed our goats and chickens extra noms, admired Chango, and the other fur babies, and by nighttime we all enjoyed Paterson, which I recommend for its calm, soothing, poetic observations on lives. For sure, some will call it a "boring movie." I haven't researched it in depth, or even finished contemplating its message, the effect it's had on me, but I will say... it is not boring; it's simply a quiet look at a man's life, which, devoid of Hollywood drama, serves as a welcome antidote to hype, special effects, sensationalism, and even our own real world worries, and angst. I enjoyed the humor... so delicate, and natural. Everything in this film has been distilled and purged of hyperbole, I feel as though my palate was cleansed, and I can detect the light beauty of subtlety, virtue, human experience. Take it in, if you like, with an open mind, with... a suspension of disbelief, actually. I usually reserve that for fantasy movies, but funnily, this real life story might rattle our cynicism, and detachment from sincere, almost guileless, story telling.


Well! As you can see, the blanket that I have been plugging away at, and have posted on, that has been teaching me lessons about embracing my amateurness, about letting go of making something "perfect," when I am really a beginner... it's very close to being finished, and has, obviously, found approval with at least two Bird House residents. I really did struggle to find the best, "right" way to connect granny squares, and it made me stall and hesitate, self-criticize to the point of giving up. Finally, I listened to the very same messages I give the people I teach..."When you start learning crochet (or most anything,) it will be hard, frustrating, and it probably will not look great. Keep going. Let go of the outcome and get into the process. Eventually you will improve, and find a level of success where you are comfortable saying, This is pretty good. I like this. I am keeping this. Forever. So... yeah, there is a lot of wonkiness and poorly planned execution in this blanket, but I am getting better, and better, and loving it more, and I am keeping this, and I am even inspired to do another, better. Laughing at myself... I think it's hilarious how when I am confused and struggling, trying to learn technical steps, I cannot comprehend or even imagine an aesthetic direction! Like, creating a pattern, or organizing colors, even just counting stitches... any of the "art" of this creative project, was completely beyond my capabilities or vision! And I think it's funny that my brain slowly, after the fact, comes around to seeing the whole... which of course, by then, has become an utterly dear mishmash. My style might be called "Deliberate Unintentional Randomness."

(Just because I like recalling the journey... The blanket in June.
And some hardcore May blues. Way back when I first landed in a granny square tangle!)

We had a Breakfast Club with our friends Janece, Paul, and Amira, and they gave us some happy anniversary love, which was really sweet. What else? I admit, Saturday was slow, gentle, quiet, mellow, restful, and slightly unproductive. I think it means I am really lucky. I'll go with that, and be thankful.

To balance out yesterday's over-mellowness, today I am spicing things up! I got laundry going, and sliced up a large box of perfectly ripe strawberries, which I served with hand whipped cream, and a scrumptious platter of French toast. Then I sat down to crank out this epic blog post. More laundry, no doubt, more pet care, and cooking, and crocheting, and a walk. Yes, a walk. And plans. Yes, making plans. I am all spiced up and seasoned to get things accomplished.

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.


nikkipolani said...

Every image, "Delicious summer!"

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Thank you! Seriously, your commentary on my pictures comes as high praise.
We've been so fortunate to be spared the early heatwaves. I know it's coming, but I take each cool day with full gratitude and try to imagine the hotter days as 'not too bad.' Summer, I think, is far more "delicious" when we aren't on fire or melting. I hope you, and roomie, and kitties are enjoying a beautiful and comfortable summer~

Jennifer said...

All the love. Everywhere, always <3

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Thank you... always, everywhere 💕