Monday, June 25, 2018

Beautiful Oregon

June 1~

Driving in Oregon, even in the city, is a pleasure. Oregon drivers are patient and considerate. Oregon scenery and highways are beautiful. I just thought I'd mention this, because even though we had a "long" drive to my folks' place, it was a breeze. We stopped, too, to see my aunt and her new husband, my cousin. We visited the Carousel... which we have been watching progress for a few years. We paid a visit to Trader Joe's for my mom, and we went over rivers and through woods, and arrived at our next stop practically invigorated. And then... we slept, cozily, before waking up to a gorgeous day on the Oregon coast.

Visiting the Marine Life Center, in Charleston, Oregon...

Another happy visit to Sunset Bay State Park.

Lots to enjoy in Cape Arago State Park...

We didn't drive far but we saw a lot. It was the nicest kind of day... without stress, or a tight schedule. We followed our impulses, taking in the sights. It was the kind of time one looks forward to sharing with loved ones, and I am so glad we were there to enjoy Ron and Delia's company.


  1. Your pictures are an inspiration to me. i truly enjoy your blog so much.

    1. Thank you! Taking pictures makes me very happy... in the moment, and later.


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