Sunday, January 27, 2019

January 24-26 Birds and Things

January 24 ::
Back in December, the birders returned to our neighborhood, and this time they really hooked me. The bird to watch for? Everyone is coming to see the Grace's Warbler. And thanks to a local birder and new friend, I was able to see this rare bird many times with these great binoculars Rita lent me. For a few weeks new birders were walking up and down our street, and as often as I could I would join them... we found many birds, and many of them were new to me.

Little did we know that when we named our house just how apt The Bird House would be. Our first impressions and experiences, seeing many birds, and new ones, continues; I love our Bird House!

And I love how birders and birding have lured me out of my daze, helped me (literally) step out of the house, and my comfort zone, into a gentle and uplifting experience of observation, appreciation, and engagement.

January 25 ::
Not being sure what I was making with the crocheted bubbles, I decided to stop when it was square. So it is a cozy mat for flower vases.

Speaking of cozy mats, could he be any snugglier, cuter? I think not.

Maria with Max V... another Max V, come to think of it. He's a freshman, too, and they are both clocking in their metal shop robot hours to earn their chance to participate at regionals, and hopefully Championships. Everyone on the robotics team has to put in a minimum of 50 hours before the first competition, if they want to travel with the team.

January 26 ::

When I was about 6 years old, and we lived in Ramona, in an old house with big trees, gardens, chickens, even a pony, we also had swings. They were rudimentary things, hanging from a tree, perfectly made for fun. What I remember most clearly about them, was that they were long and strong, and adults loved them as much, if not more, than the kids. I have vivid memories of the grown-ups happily clamoring for their turn, and the relaxed easy smiles that came over them when they were swaying up and back. They looked carefree, and sounded merry... more like kids then was usual or expected. As young as I was, the idea stayed with me that play, easygoing and airy fun is not something that should end with being little, young. I've held on to this, and it's what got me proposing that our family could make a swing... and I hinted, suggested, nudged, and designed for a few years. We make things, all the time... why not a swing? And not just a swing, but one for grown-ups and young people, alike. A swing that could make me feel as though I am 6 years old.

Guess what... for Christmas I got a hunk of steel, the mechanical part that holds rope, or chain, to a steel bar for swinging! William started painted the steel poles, last week.

All along we knew, the hard part would be getting this super tall creation standing. Using the barn as scaffolding was kind of genius, and pretty nutz, too. And how awesome are our friends? Answer: Totally Awesome. Saturday morning I get them on the phone, casually, "Hey, what are you guys are up to?" Paul, Janece and Amira were over within the hour, and we put them right to work. Janece and I took the jobs of gasping audibly, and saying things like "Don't get hurt, please!" Long, steel poles weigh a lot. Five long, steel poles weigh a ridiulclus lot.

After the pieces were assembled, they carried it to where we planned to stand the swing set. All of this was hard and challenging... and made me have second, third and fourth thoughts about my bright idea.

Hard work and planning pay off!

And teamwork wins the day! What a great sense of relief and accomplishment we felt!

Benevolent Order of Makers! The The BOoM Nerds!
Max, Alex, William, Paul, and Geoff~

Amira, Maria, and Janece~

Next up is leveling, pouring concrete, and making the swings. And I am going to have to be patient, because this is already a very busy time of year. I suspect this will be worth the wait.

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