Friday, March 22, 2019

Lofty Bird House Improvements, Part II

Of all the stages of our lofty improvements, I am not sure which was more unnerving... the open window:

Or the open landing to the floor below!

But for all we went through to get a new room built over the entry to our home, we never had a moment's regret or doubt. And if you're up for it, we can continue with how it all came to happen.

March 12...
We left with Cairo peering out of the gaping hole where our big window used to be. Mike got it out, all in one piece, and we were already reveling in the wonderful off-shore breeze, the songs of the birds. And this is when I took Cairo into our bedroom for his own, and the birds', safety.

There's a lot more work to be done... frame the window, inside and out, finish the wall with drywall, texturing and paint, replace the second, smaller window by the stairs, and then tackle the rotted beams, siding, and trim on the outside of the whole house before painting it. And even though there are no more open windows or stairwells, Cairo still finds ways to act crazy!

March 13...
Mike is always super considerate, so the protective sheets go back up, and he gets the new drywall textured, then painted.

Just for fun, and since we were out of Thai Basil green, I went darker, and the third wall is painted Behr Vine Leaf.

Suddenly! In less than 3 weeks our idea is a finished space. I love how the darker shade of green frames the window and view. Geoff chose the Ikea Billy bookcase and added their smart lighting... which we can operate and time with an app on our phone.

Suddenly! No more broken steps, and shedding carpet. No more giant, closed, and inaccessible window. No more "grand" entry with useless 20 foot ceiling! Suddenly we have a beautiful and inviting space, with fresh air breezing in, and a cozy sofa long and deep enough for napping, wide enough for company. Cairo is certain all of this was done for his pleasure. We are certain this is all wonderful.

March 14...

Eunice's roses. They were hanging in the stairwell, but now I am rethinking all of it... and enjoying slowly settling in.

There, I think the roses might look nice on the new wall.

It's going to take a while to put things back in order... new or old. It's a luxury figuring it all out, and enjoying what we have.

There's still more getting done, but this seems like a nice place to take a break...

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Anonymous said...

That little nest room is inspired. Love it.