Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Values, Lines, Musings

These Gomphrena were all lopped off by bunnies, and I am so glad to see them blooming, again. They are a variety of strawflower, and the petals are crisp, stiff, like straw. I don't notice much fragrance, but they are bright and cheery, and if bunnies aren't snipping the stems, they are hardy. I keep imagining that I am going to take my collection of cut ones and make a dried floral arrangement of them. In the meantime, I am happy to see them in our garden.

Geoff and I bought and assembled a picnic table, and it's in the backyard, next to the blacksmith shop. We love it. It's already appreciated and used, and making sense. Would a second picnic table make sense? I hadn't thought to ask, or ponder, until one showed up on the curb with a big "FREE" sign taped to it. Geoff's first impression was No. Then it was Nope. And when I suggested we take a closer look, he decided, No. No way. I didn't feel contentious, but I was feeling increasingly convinced that a picnic table in the our front yard, where we tend to hang out with neighbors, sit around a fire, sometimes take dinner... it would be a really good thing. And! We happened to have 4 strong men in the house who could carry a (slightly) wobbly, a bit rough, wooden picnic table down the street to our home. By the time Geoff was railroaded gently persuaded that it was in fair condition and would actually be useful, it was dark. We made it a family adventure, with Corey, too... all marching up the street to give the table a good look over and then carry it home. Half-way back, a couple of cars were coming our way, so the boys stepped to the side of the road, and all sat down, until traffic cleared, and they were rested. Along the way, Geoff could see the vision I was conjuring, and that the table is in better shape than expected. Today, we are hitting it with a scraper, sandpaper, and Behr Nocturnal Blue paint. And this weekend we can decide whether we would like a front yard picnic, or a backyard picnic.

Remember when I talked about how art classes have me seeing the world in new ways? Colors, values, tones, shapes, line... these lessons came to mind and gave me a soothing pastime while I waited in the lobby of my attorney's office. This view! With or without art lessons, this view would captivate me. Lindbergh Field, and the San Diego Harbor. I watched planes taxiing, landing, and taking off. I also studied the squares and triangles, circles, curves, lines, and shapes making all of the buildings, lamps, roofs. The big shapes, the small details. The arches of aircraft hangers, the decorative, repeating squares of an old house, and shadows. I didn't bring my sketchbook. This time I was carrying yarn. And I brought that out.

A paralegal took a load of paperwork off my hands, and those were photocopied. My attorney said that I had written a very good victim's statement, thanked me for all the details included in my report. And so... another ball is rolling.

With that accomplished, and me one step closer to done, I decided to treat myself. I am now in possession of a handmade watercolor brush from Barcelona. Remind me to use it... I don't want it to be so precious that I keep saving it for something special. Do you know what I mean?

On the walk to Artist & Craftsman Supply, I stopped to admire more lines and shapes, and values, and colors. And then I drove the scenic way home.

At the hardware store to buy paint for our curbside picnic table... Alex helped me choose the color, and we visited the pumpkins while they mixed our paint.

And, this morning... a still-life. Have I ever described what I think our ideal home would be? And this is not to say we don't have a wonderful home, already. But if we started from scratch, and made a realistic assessment of our behaviors, interests, needs, desires, and activities... our home, on the outside would look Midwestern, a farmhouse with covered porch, a bit rambling, old-fashioned. And inside it would be one massive, open, warehouse room, where we could skate on sealed concrete floors, and have various workstations, gathering spots, and the kitchen. Industrial Bohemian. Adjacent to this a smaller area with wood floors, and deep comfy couches, walls covered in books, and our screen and projector. Bedrooms would line the back of the house, small and minimally appointed for sleeping and changing clothes. No fuss. The bathrooms would be simple, almost perfunctory, designed for efficiency more than luxury. We live together, and play, and cook, and read, and talk, and relax, and make... together. Next to our dining table, we should have a dining table (a ruse, though) and it would be for making something other than breakfast.

My view, sitting in the car with yarn... carcheting another shawl, while I wait for the traffic to clear.

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