Monday, December 16, 2019

A Farm Report

Chickenblog used to have regular farm reports. There have been lots of them, going way back.

Oh... I got lost in the archives! I can't believe our goats are eight years old, that Chickenblog is almost 18 years old!


Where was I?

Farm Report.


We have six hens. I am sorry to share that earlier this fall we lost our darling Mako Mori Hen. She was a favorite of mine, tame, dear. I miss her. Our hens, also known as the chicas, include Liberty, she is a cuckoo maran, and her sister, Emma Thompson, both chiquitas. We have Trillian and Pele, two Ameraucanas, that are still laying pale blue-green eggs. Like Liberty, they will be seven years old this summer. We also have the two silver-laced wyandottes, Pepper and Pippi. Thankfully, those two have settled down, because they were not the friendliest ladies, and would readily peck toes and bare legs.

And we have the goats, too, of course. Ada Lovelace Goat, the caramel and white goat that was born February 25, 2012. And we have Tasha Tudor goat, and she just turned eight years old on February 21st. They are as darling as ever, still make me laugh, and shake my ahead in amused disbelief.

So, it's two goats, and six hens, and they live all together, outside, in Camp Whoop-Up.

In the house, are the cats... three of them, now! And I feel certain that they are going to become good cat friends, and companions. Cairo. Feynman. Sakamoto.

Still haven't heard him meow, but he trills, and purrs, and chirps.

The kittens love food. Like, really love it. Cairo is casual and almost indifferent about food, so we are a bit taken aback by the intent pursuit of vittles the kittens display. And Sakamoto absolutely meows, and loudly, plaintively. It's really cute and pulls the heartstrings!

We keep catching looks, expressions from Cairo, of dismay, resignation, disappointment, bewilderment. This is a look of mild confusion, as Cairo tries to puzzle out what is in my chair.

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