Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Another Trip

I went around the sun, again. Does it show? This is 54.

The "plan," for my birthday, was to go to the mountains, then the desert. I need trees, the smell of pines, big rocks to climb. You would think by now that we would know better than to make plans in 2020. We made the responsible decision to skip driving our 20 year old RV, the Green Goose, up hills, because of the sketchy brakes, and the inevitable down hills. (Burning Man is always with us... one trip, a lifetime of memories, and mechanical repairs!) Okay, so scratch that plan, and we are left with the beach. We parked ourselves in a scenic spot, brought sandwich fixings, and spent most of the day relaxing, and stuff.

Geoff brought a couple of bikes, and I rode four miles, even making it to Dog Beach, which was exactly as my friend Diana says, a Disneyland for dogs! The happiest energy in the world is running loose, wagging tails, making waves. It's a sight to behold. Pure wholesomeness. Those miles went into the notebook I started for my make-believe bicycle journey. It's the idea that's been in my head for some time, to track all the miles I ride, looping around our neighborhood, and then imagine them as a cross-country bike trip. I'm taking it out of my head, and putting it down on paper. I brought an atlas to the beach, and Geoff played with me by doing mileage searches. I would run my finger across Washington, or Wisconsin, through Ontario, Canada, and ask him, "How many miles between Sault Ste Marie, and Toronto?" One thing, I am not being too fussy about is it being exclusively a cycling trip. I decided to hop aboard the Empire Builder in Glacier National Park. We can get a sleeper car and ride all the way to Minneapolis, before we pedal to Eagle River, Wisconsin. I have things roughly mapped out all the way to Prince Edward Island. Next up... how to get from Charlottetown, PEI to Iceland? Also, my plans are very vague from our house to Seattle, but I am looking forward to going into specifics and details, for all of the trip. Imaginary trip planning is brilliant. We have not had a single mishap nor obstacle we cannot manage with ease, and pleasure!

In the meantime, we have a lovely real life to enjoy, and the beach day was good. There was a low tide, and William found an amazing shell. Bambi and Maria watched shrimp swaying and flitting in a pool. The water was cold, and I liked how it felt to step in and out of the pools, on sand. Maria took my picture, and made a kind remark, and that, along with other birthday messages that came on social media, made me feel special, made me feel thankful to know kind people. My birthday is like a dress-rehearsal for New Years Eve, when I get contemplative about the year I've spent, and the year ahead. I rarely feel exactly jubilant, confident, but I do feel grateful, and ready to move forward.


angela said...

Happy birthday.
Today is my 54th birthday as well
Here in Australia is summer and usually I have a very hot day for my birthday
But today it’s raining.
Which is lovely for a change

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Happy Birthday, Angela! I am so glad you got a break from the hot weather. We have been enjoying a cool winter, so far, but I wish we could get more rain. Did you make birthday plans, have you had some cake, or an outing? I am thinking of baking a cake today, maybe.