Tuesday, December 29, 2020

We Have Been Feasting

Alex, Bambi, and Maria have been immersed in the role playing game Dungeons and Dragons. This all began well before the pandemic, and lockdowns. I was surprised to be reminded that some of the earliest rounds were played back in 2011. Ok, I admit, now I am just enjoying seeing these old posts, any where I refer to or mention Dungeons and Dragons! For sure they were playing two summers ago. And even two years before that summer! Anyway. Sorry. Where was I? Alex, Bambi, Maria, Lucas, and Tori play every week, online, and during the week they plan, strategize, discuss, create art, construct models, write scripts... they're in to it. And now they are cooking it, thanks to the Heroes' Feast, The Official D&D Cookbook.

Everyone cooks. I mean, there are 7 of us living here, under lockdown since March, and we all take turns in the kitchen, fixing meals. Geoff is our grilled cheese hero. Max's specialty is sausages and hotdogs, with cabbage, or pickles. Maria helps Alex and Bambi some nights, and other times she treats us to handmade pastas, scones, smoothies, soups. William has mastered a delicious pasta in cream sauce, as well as soups, spaghetti, and salads. Alex and Bambi fix us Japanese menus, as well as curries, pasties, and crepes. The cookbook has introduced a whole whole new world of dishes, and flavors, and inventive titles, and themes... it's bit Alice Waters cooks with Harry Potter in Middle Earth. And we get a vegan's and omnivore's option at every meal. The first meal was hearty and comforting Traveler's Stew. And, I might as well say it now, we are loving these recipes! And not just because Alex, Bambi, Maria, and sometimes William, have been doing lots of great cooking, but also because the food is good, the flavors compelling. It's been a real treat! It's as if we are traveling, visiting new restaurants, trying different seasonings, and combinations, and the experience is a welcome change.
Seeing the recipe for Mushroom Tea didn't excite me, but that was my lack of experience. Bambi made something simple and deeply satisfying. This broth, over noodles, was a lovely lunch... much like the soup base for a good ramen. We are looking forward to enjoying this again.
Bangers and Smash was a real big hit. Alex, and William had Beyond sausages. The rest of us enjoyed sausages from Trader Joes. I'll mention the weather, which has been cold, because it just adds to the appeal and heartiness of this dish. We ate up every bit. Love the leeks, all of it. Next time we will have some of our favorite bread to go with our Bangers and Smash.
When cooking like dwarves, elves, and halflings, it's nice to do a little foraging for the meal. We still have peppers, and chives in the garden. Cilantro and beets are coming up, and our wonderful hens are still laying, even though the days are short. We all enjoyed the Feywild Eggs, a frittata. Bambi added sauteed bell peppers, and that was a good choice.

Will the dishes get better and better? This meal might be hard to beat! Alex used his vegan hot dog bun recipe to make rolls for these turkey, and Impossible protein, sliders. The sliders were full of onions and garlic. And we topped them with a fig and olive tapenade, and a dill dressing (made vegan by substituting the yogurt with an almond yogurt, by Kite Hill.) On the side, a gorgeous salad of radicchio and brussels sprouts, citrus, and flowers... a true Wood Elf dish. We even had garden flowers to top the salad.

I picked up the book, just to be sure I was getting the details right, and now as I recall the meals, and skim through the book, I am not surprised that Maria read it cover to cover in one sitting. I want to read it, too. And more than that, I want to know what they are going to cook next!

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