Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Egg Hunts

Hidden eggs, are an early sign of spring. Currently, the popular place for laying eggs is in the goats' hay rack, and that's well and good. One hen insists on laying her egg in the nest box on top of the saw horse. Fine. But this morning, one egg was tucked beneath the old mini-robot tower base, and another was in a barrel garden... the one they keep digging up! Poor chives and perenials. Tomatoes are not eggs, but these sprouts are hinting of spring, too, popping up in unlikely places. If there is a local family that would like today's eggs, I would be happy to share our find. First to call "dibs" is the lucky one. I'm going to see about transferring this spoon-tomato to a pot so I can take it to Spencer, Bex, and Simon.
Thinking of creating a socially distanced crafting lesson took me on another sort of hunt, for wool, needles, and foam bases, things I havent much looked at since Maria and I taught needle-felting at the Antique Gas & Steam Engine Musuem, almost two years ago. I was happy to find, eventually, everything I was looking for, and thrilled to, at long last, come across some of the handkerchiefs I'd embroidered. Those have been lost to me for a long while. (An unfortunate, recurring, theme, post-drunkladydriver... my memory suffers.) And by the way, I know I have promised hand printed napkins to some of you, but I can't get at those supplies just yet, and it's too cold to work on the porch. I'm sorry. In the meantime, I will be curled up on my bed, evidently, and either felting, or stitching, until warm spring arrives.
Yes, crafting, and feeling clever, I might add, because I came up with a pretty and practical means of transporting and sharing sharp, barbed felting needles. Little woolen kabobs, all ready to go.


Janece said...

Woolen kabobs. My favorite thing about today so far! :)

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Okay... they are great, right?? You and your comments are a tonic for my soul! It's so much more fun to share giggles with a friend.