Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Some Rosiness

Cyclamen, from Ruth.

We had a visit from Holly, who came with a delivery from Ruth, and this makes it officially the longest celebration of Christmas in memory, which is very welcome in this still Stay at Home Season. In fact, we will be celebrating a bit more, when the package, or project, or something, that William is waiting on finally arrives. Slow mail, and other odd-effects of a global pandemic, may have caused delays, but I honestly appreciate spreading out the fun, extending the observances, exchanges, and tokens of love. So little else is going on, that we all relish an excuse to make a fuss, or enjoy some novelty. Have I mentioned? We have enjoyed at least 6 Thanksgivings since last March! That is, whenever we include stuffing and cranberry sauce, gravy, and potatoes, green beans, plus a fresh table cloth and the mix colored wine goblets on the dining table, it's Thanksgiving!

I found a very old and thin handkerchief, and decided to tempt fate by adding a dainty ratty-rat, maybe some flowers. The fabric really is too thin to mess with, so I hold my breath with each pass of the needle and floss. Just look at the lace work on the edge! It's so romantic, so soft and pretty. And I love the pulled thread border. How is that accomplished? It's unfortunate... I didn't have the patience to learn these fine skills when I was younger, and now I have the interest, I am less dexterous, and my eyes protest!
I had to remove the small cup of water and camellia from the dining table. Feynman, resident phycist, wouldn't stop pulling the flower up, then trying to drink from the cup. He's not allowed on the table, and naturally that is where he spends the happier hours of his day. He's the sort of cat that expertly, devotedly, tests the laws of gravity, frequently, unrepentantly. He also bangs and clatters empty food plates, steals chairs, and he is also first to the table for dinner... not his, ours. I am sure, when lockdowns are over, when we get the all-clear, he will immediately reform, and no guests to our home will be shocked, nor offended. These things work themselves out.
She needs a collar, some flowers, some pink, some rosiness.


Janece said...

You give me eyes of appreciation in areas that I have overlooked and/or bypassed. Thank you.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Janece says one of her kind, thoughtful things, and me? I look around, as though searching for a lost key, or misplaced cup, thinking "who me? what? what did I do? did I do something? something good?" And I feel flush, then shy, then thankful, because I have her for a friend.

Janece said...

I'm reading all your replies to my replies... what a happy loop. Also, in the window behind my comment window here... is your photo of your focaccia. YUM! (I haven't eaten anything yet.) I'm making banana bread today - but you've inspired me to tackle making focaccia again either tomorrow or over the weekend. :)

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Every morning that I wake up, when I didn't make dough the night before, I want to kick myself! I know it's a hurdle to get things started, at the end of the day, but it is so worthwhile!! Ok. I am going to do it! Tonight I will start some no-knead doughs (it takes at least 3 to get everyone here fed!) and tomorrow we will focaccia-feast! Must not fail. And it feels like we need to re-open the doors to my Cafe... what did we call it? Makes me think how much easier it would be to serve baked goods and be with guests if the oven were outside, which turns my silly gears and starts my imagination running on high speed!