Sunday, March 07, 2021

I Wear Readers

This is a silly thing. But, I was thinking about the fact that I started using a pair of reading glasses. I bought them 14 years ago, because everyone tells you, when you turn 40, "You're going to need reading glasses. And moisturizer." I've worn distance glasses since Peter Nakaji prescribed them for me in middle school. "You need glasses," he whispered, authoritatively, in the middle of science class. I looked at him, curiously, wondering what made him say such a ridiculus thing. "Haven't you ever wondered why you have to ask me what's written on the board? Why I can read it, and you can't? You need glasses." That stuck with me... how a genius conclusion could be drawn from such obvious evidence. He was so right, and I got glasses. Another thing that stuck with me is remembering the first time I saw the moon, when I was wearing the new glasses. I happened to glance up, and halted in my tracks. I could see textures, shadows, the craters and details, then I saw the stars, twinkling. I gasped, and teared up. I was 14 years old and seeing these things as though for the first time. The moon and stars are beautiful. I haven't needed the readers until I took up cross-stitching, again. I can see without them, but... well, the genius conclusion from obvious evidence is: I can see much better with the glasses! Now, I am wearing Geoff's reading glasses, because he has a pair on every shelf, through the house, and the ones I bought are flimsy. Ok... I'll get to the silly part: I was thinking, gee, who's going to know I wear readers, now? We should keep up our baby books, the ones our mothers started, recording our milestones, and cute expressions. Birth weight, first tooth, first word, and then later, first sleep-over, first job, gets carded, and much later, wears reading glasses, naps regularly, uses the captions for every movie. What milestones have you hit? Have you accomplished something newsworthy? Please share!
Natalie, 649 months, wears reading glasses!
And with readers, it's much easier to sew small things. I was super excited about putting my small things into these small wood hoops, but the product I ordered has been not great... about 1/3 of the hoops are ok, 1/3 arrived split, and the other 1/3 split when I add the fabric. Nutz. So, I turned to a new plan, which was my original idea of making brooches, or merit badges. I am having fun!
Whooo! A merit badge... for, hmmmm... for watching an owl webcam. I already made another one, but that one is a secret-surprise that I'll share later. Next, I decided to try something with the little hen. After some experimenting, some trial and error, and a lot of hand-sewing, the little hen is part of a sewing case, with needle book and pockets. I am almost finished with it.
Here's another milestone for the record... I will do some housework today, maybe cook, too. I think if I did have a lifetime Baby Book, the space for Keeps a Tidy Home would be blank. I'd like to think I could have some gentle comment about my effort, or intentions, but I can't kid myself. I'd rather be wearing readers and sewing small things.


Teresa Kasner said...

Life is way too short to worry about a spotless house. Those embroideries will charm your children and grandchildren but the house will be dusty and imperfect 2 days after spending the day cleaning. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

gretchenjoanna said...

I laughed out loud about the idea of continuing our baby books. I suppose my mother had a baby book for me, but did I ever see it...? Now I'm wondering. I may have to start my own baby-grown-old book.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Teresa! You blessed enabler! I love it!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

GretchenJoanna, do it! Let's all record our GrownBaby milestones and accomplishments!