Monday, March 08, 2021

Some Pretty Things

I've sat here for ten minutes, trying to think of something worth stating. My thoughts whirr around what I've done since yesterday, like dish washing and feeding the goats and chickens, I recall all the things I haven't done, too; unfortunately, that is a longer list. The idea that recurs, that pushes all other thoughts aside, is Thank you. Thank you, for commenting, for sharing your experiences and thoughts, for being kind, supportive, for making time to reach out to me. I appreciate those comments, very much. There is always a cycle in blogging, when I wish so much that I had more followers, more connection, that I had managed to achieve some kind of Blog Success, and not for fame, but for the chance to promote causes, ideas, activities, to say, "Here is what I do," and feel, in the eyes of society, like it's been a legitimate career, a worthy pursuit. And the other part of that cycle is tremendous relief that I have stayed low-key successful, quietly accomplished... I would be very uncomfortable in a spotlight, or on the radar of trolls, and I have always thought that it would be sad to have so many followers, and comments, that I couldn't make personal replies, or keep track of connections, distinguish friends from acquaintances, or know who was genuine. As it is, I have lost connection with friend/readers, some totally, and I think of them, and hope they are off on new adventures, not gone for good, and I feel sheepish, too, for the blogs, friends, and acquaintances that I have neglected to keep up with. I have learned to see that life is change... for better or worse, little stays the same, and so it's a good idea to embrace the moments before us. That is one of the lessons that is only recently made clear to me, and I know I will need to remind myself, to make a practice of understanding: Life is Change, and it's a good idea to make an effort to change for the better. Well, now I am just wandering, in my head, at the keyboard. Still, it is worth stating... I am thankful for the engagements I share with friends and acquaintances, here, and in my community. Also, here are some pictures of pretty things I have noticed, enjoyed.


Teresa Kasner said...

I enjoyed your flower images and wondered what the thing was that kind of looked like cream cheese. I have done my blog for 10 years now and I've made many treasured friendships here. The commenting thing is interesting. I have decided that if I want comments I have to go to the effort of leaving them on my friend's blogs. An old saying "to have a friend you must be a friend". I also have not become a "blog star" but I'm okay with that.. the true friendships I've made are more valuable than having too many to keep up with. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

The camellias have been very happy, and those "wild" flowers... I don't know what they are.
And you guess right about the cheese! I made cheese, which was started as a paneer, but I got nostalgic for a fresh farm cheese my Abuela made, and... basically I was following two paneer recipes, and my own nostalgia. I think it should be called Amateur Nostalgia Cheese. It's mild, like a cross between ricotta and cream cheese, with a hint of queso fresco! hahaha!
I'd call your blog and reaching out a big success, Teresa! So very many of the bloggers I used to engage with slipped away, and it was in recent years that I figured out they'd moved to Instagram. True friendships and time to connect is a happy gift.

gretchenjoanna said...

The Blog World is truly an ever-changing one, and really took a hit during the last year. I do miss quite a few of my favorite bloggers who aren't here anymore, especially since I dropped Instagram and can't see them there.

I keep looking at new-to-me blogs, but rarely find anything to add to my reader. I guess if my list is getting smaller it's also getting more familiar all the time.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

GretchenJoanna, I really thought the blog world would re-ignite during the pandemic, but looks like it's all about videos and anything that's fast/brief.

Janece said...

The stripes on those flowers... incredible! All the pretty things... so good. Thank you for sharing!

I'm so glad you never gave in and stopped writing and sharing, Natalie. I know it is hard when it feels like it goes into a void. This blog will always be precious and dear to me... it brought you, your art, your heart, and your friendship into my life.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Are you looking at the little white ones? With the strip down the center of each petal? I have no idea what those volunteers are! They come up every spring, and out of such bare, scrappy earth, that gets trodden and neglected. I love the plants that do that! Such a will to survive!
It is hard! You do know. So much of "success" is tied to numbers, statistics, so it's hard not to feel invisible, when there is not much feedback, or reciprocity. Our friendship, and others, will always help me see that the real success has been connection with some people who are dear, who have been most generous and engaging. And, lately, I really appreciate how this blog has helped me remember many many good things, and to cherish and focus on the good, even when it means getting through rough patches!

Janece said...

Yes, the little white ones with the stripe down the center of each petal. Nature is so extravagant sometimes. I'm guessing it is an invitation, a guide, and a landing strip for bees to come to collect their pollen. Just lovely.

Maybe a good practice would be to keep a small journal of times that our sharing has been a success. On the days that it feels like a futile effort, we open up that lil book and remind ourselves that there are very beautiful and valuable fruits to our labor of love and sharing that aren't always instantly visible. Making friends across the miles, sharing of art and inspiration (in person, via photos, and mailed treasures), that email or offline comment from a friend or acquaintance that tells us how meaningful something we shared was for them at a key moment, when we are able to revisit something dear and be reminded of its beauty and dearness, pride in just showing up, being a continuous ambassador for creativity, learning, sharing, and the goodness of humanity, and so on. :D