Sunday, June 13, 2021

It's Summer Now

When does summer begin? Officially, in your heart, in your hemisphere, when do you say to yourself, Now it is summer? Also, how do you punctuate a question that ends with a statement? On the first of June someone posted Happy first day of summer, and while I respect their enthusiasm, I was shook by the prematurity of the launch. Maybe summer, for them, is when school lets out... it certainly feels like summer when we are free from homework, and required reading. Typically, I am a It's Solstice, the longest day of the year, and the beginning of Summer kind of person. This year, Summer Solstice is a week away. Maria finished her last homework assignment yesterday, and it was hot(ter) yesterday. I was up, not early, but before anyone but the cats, and in the still kitchen, I felt all of the signs of Summer. I'm calling it: Summer has begun. The birds have calmed down from intense Spring cavorting, the sun is burning off the coastal haze earlier and earlier. Flowers are fading, but there are, at last, tomatoes plumping on the vine. And apples! The apples are ready for a first round of harvesting. I enjoyed this reverie in the morning stillness, sipping my tea, and committed to not rushing the morning. I listened to the refrigerator humming, and the cats watched me cuiously. It's summer, kitties. We aren't in a hurry, not just yet.
We did a thing! I posted some hints of a project in progress, and even though no one is clamoring for answers and details about what we are up to, I am here to give you the answers you are too eager to ask for! The fence between the lawn and the goat & chicken run has been slowly detriorating. William wants to reclaim some of the space in the run for forts and art, so he and Geoff have reconfigured the open and enclosed spaces, and re-using the old fence, built a new fence and gate. Goats & chickens still have ample roaming space, and we have opened up new possibilites in the other half of that yard. William and I have been literally salvaging lumber, like old fence boards, to enlcose the geodesic dome... one of the geodesic domes. William found Tara Flannery's open source "recipe" for 3D printing hubs for assembling geodesic domes, and we can't seem to get enough of making tents, forts, houses, studios, barns, shelters, and lean-tos.
As I was sitting, with raisin toast and tea, enjoying the hum of the refrigerator, I resisted the urge to pin anything down, or make any sudden moves. I wanted to be in the moment, and not press myself with decisions or haste. That was a lovely time. Now, I am ready to press forward, again, and think of what next? I'll make a list, in no particular order, just a jumping-off point, something to remind me of what's possible, necessary, interesting, and/or intriguing.

Ocean kayaking

The Zoo

The Fair

Oregon... roadtrip adventure

Wisconsin... Van Trail Innauguration!

Apple Harvest & Party

Outdoor Movie Nights

Camp Bird House

Install New Door

Septic Pits

Asphalt Sealing

32 Wedding Anniversary

Wedding Planning

Visit from Lauren & Danny

Cookout and visit with Tutu

Max's Internship

Skating Party

Balboa Park

Walk the Block, Barrio Logan

Bicycle, Bicycle, Bicycle


Ruth said...

It's fun to hear and see what you've been up to. Thanks. You have lots of fun projects going on--and dancing in your head. Plans and no plans...days zooming by...summer beckoning in a hundred different everywhere.

That flowerhead is just amazing, by the way. Yes, a different kind of bouquet.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

We are so due for a real catch-up, face to face! I've got fun projects, real and imagined, and at least one or two dumb ones, I admit. I really should leave puzzles for weekends at the cabin (if we had a cabin). Let's get together, soon, and I will bring you a bouquet of Queen Anne's Lace.