Thursday, June 17, 2021

Send Us a Postcard

Good morning, friends. How are you? What are you doing this summer? I am so excited about an upcoming visit from a New England friend. I love being a tour guide for our region, offering my best tips, suggesting fun drives, scenic spots, the most excellent chips and salsas. Ask me! I think I could run a boutique visitors center, or drive a tour van. I love it when tourists ask, Would you mind? Could you please take our picture? I proceed to pose them, check the lighting, switch up angles, and manage it all like it's a photo-shoot for Agressively Friendly Magazine, my imaginary publication and city guide. Oh, I miss doing that. And I love when people share their vacation pictures, and baby pictures, on social media. People apologize for those kinds of posts, thinking it's too much. But I never think it's "too much." I am looking forward to hearing about your first time on a jet ski, and seeing a picture of the best burger of your life! Are you going to the Grand Canyon? Sitting on a beach? Will you send me a postcard?

Since we gave up on ever resurrecting our swimming pool, Alex and Bambi have taken the initiative of tearing out the fenced corner where the pool equipment sits. It's all a mess, anyway, with rotting wood, and heavy shrubs where rats like to commune and rave. The idea is to clear everything out, reconfigure some fencing, and a new gate, and then there will be open space, and better accessibility. Ooofta! When the garden treaures were neatly stacked, contained, it looked a bit jumbly, sort of rustic-chic. This picture, however, is decidely more along the lines of Whoa, that's alotta junk! Pardon, our mess: We live here. I think Geoff said something about ordering a dumpster? Hold on a sec, I have a call to make.

My dear friend is in Arizona with her Mom. She shared that it will be 116 degrees there today. And no signs of relief, like a heavy rain to break the tension of furnace-like temperatures. I've spent a few summers as a Sonoran, and only the monsoon rains could make it bearable. I can't help but sigh and proclaim my thanks! It is nothing like hot-summer here, yet, and it was almost drizzling this morning because of the marine layer and early fog. I count my blessings for each and every day when we can forestall heat, Santa Anas, scorching days, and sweltering nights. Hang in there, Janece and Carol! We are thinking of you, and sending best thoughts.

Well, as it is still cool and comfortable, I think I will sign off, so I can get to some more chores, and putting things in order. It's been good to clear figurative, and literal, cobwebs, to update and dust-off our rustic-chic.


Janece said...

I can't wait to take a tour of all the latest efforts when I get home!!

And Mom and I are hanging in there best we can. The skies were more blue than smoke today - so that was really nice.

Tomorrow morning, we are headed with our friend Ruth to Heard Museum in Phoenix. Air-conditioned outings, anyone? ;)

<3 <3

Little Dorrit does... said...

Ha! 'Aggressively Friendly Magazine' made me snort with laughter! Most of the time I am too busy being Lost in Thought or In a World of My Own to be able to qualify as a potential full-time contributor, but I reckon I could probably be a guest columnist, as I occasionally switch into AF mode - often at the supermarket checkout - much to the bewilderment of my family.
Come for a visit to my blog, to receive a postcard from Officially the Most Beautiful Beach on the Planet.:-)

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Air-conditioned outings for the win! And I am glad to hear that the smoke is clearing. Let's have no more of that, right? I have been enjoying the posts you are sharing... pictures of your Dad, memories. You are sharing parts of Neil, and I am seeing more of You, through these glimpses.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Little Dorrit, it sounds like you would be an ideal candidate for contributing to AF Magazine! And how often do we publish? You have the answer to that: Occasionally, and unexpectedly! hahaha
Your postcards are fabulous. I feel as though I was on an excursion, and I loved it. Thank you!