Friday, August 13, 2021

Cats Cats Gatos Cats

Well, now that I am done documenting every mile and emotion of our two week drive to Portland, Oregon, and back, it's time to see what else we have been up to this summer. To refresh my memory, I turn to the pictures on my phone. And, we have: Cats, cats, cats, mangos, and cats. And a lot of screen shots of memes, and some Live Instagram footage from feeding Grace her bottle. Weaning is going slowly, btw.
Cairo, napping. I missed this. He's soft, warm, calming company at the foot of the bed. And sometimes, early in the morning, he pads over to find my hands, seeking scritches.
Same cat, different behavior. He looks handsome, but he's up to no good. Since lockdown... when did that begin, 2016? 2019? For some time, I have stopped even pretending to discipline the cats. They read my personal emails, take long showers, drink all the liquor, and sit on the counter. It really is disgraceful. Something needs to be done. Soon. But not yet.
Feynman is more of a table cat, than a counter cat.
This must have been when Geoff was away, and Cairo didn't have his usual 9-5 nap lap. He had to settle for my lap, and desk time, instead. It really was an act of desperation, because his favorite spot is wherever Geoff is working.
Mango, and jicama with lime juice and a dash of Tajín. It's so refreshing. I need to do this more often. And I am thinking of bring out the pinole and trying it on pepino.
This was the most attention I could get from Saki while Geoff was away. It's his, "Where is Geoff" face. All three cats went into a kind of renouncement of cuddles, and sweetness, while Geoff was in Wisconsin. I offered treats, and kept the litter box scrupulously clean, and left the best part of the bed free, but they were cold and remote, until their favorite hooman returned.
And even though he misbehaves, Cairo still manages to delight us, and even to inspire art! This is a painting done by Jill Treadwell. We met in art class, a few years ago. When she saw Cairo's picture, she asked if we would mind if she painted his likeness, and of course I said, Please do! I love that she instinctively knew that the whiskers had to be over the top to capture is true essence!
You see? Geoff is home, and the world is right, again. Even Sakamoto has come around, and is making himself at home on my feet.


Ruth said...

Love this post. Your sense of humor still shines bright. Especially enjoyed your personal-email-reading, liquor-sucking, double-showering cats.

Your friend's painting of Cairo really does capture his whisker-y essence.

Thanks for sharing your travel journal, your impressions and insights--the good the bad and the ugly. It brought back so many 70's west coast memories. Your amazing navigational and driving skills never cease to amaze, by the way.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Thank you, Ruth. You know cats! It's lucky for them they have whiskers, purr, and make us so very happy!
And thank you for sticking with me and all the miles of post-travel blogging. I do love the navigating, and the trip planning.