Sunday, August 08, 2021

Notes From a Smitten Traveler

July 15th ended up being a long day... long, as in disappointing, and frustrating, when I regretted the new accomodations we had. But I didn't want it to spoil everything, afterall, our morning was lovely, as were many other parts of this visit to Portland. Happy to have a suggestion from Puanani (Happy Birthday, AlbertaHenHouse!), we made our way back to Alberta Arts for dinner at the Bollywood Theater. That was a very good choice. Bollywood Theater is a visual feast, even before the food is served. And I am glad I snapped some pictures of our plates, to remind us that we enjoyed our meal, and that we talked about preparing more Indian dishes at home. I want to remember how much I enjoy including almonds, cashews, and peanuts with my meals. And looking at these photographs, I also recall that we enjoyed a slow, relaxing meal, that we talked about the fun we'd been having, and still -we agreed we were glad that our remaining plans were for heading south, and home. We were filling up on sights, and experiences, and the only thing we wanted more was to bring it all back to Geoff, and Alex, Max, and Bambi, and those cats!
Dinner was delicious. And! Spicy! A last call at Salt & Straw was in order, and a last walk up and down Alberta Street, and through some neighborhood side streets.

Our own Little Free Library is in urgent need of repair, and updating. We've been talking about version II, and what kind of features we want to include. We've talked about things like accessibility, a message board, and now, I think we should see about adding a roof top garden! And, this green house... I am trying to remember if there was something specific I wanted to be reminded of by the (3) pictures I took. All I can conclude is that it is a very pretty house, terribly appealing.

Dear Portland, I was taking pictures of your homes, and private property all week, and sharing them on the World Wide Interwebs. This was not for profit, nor to be rude. Please accept that I am simply smitten with your neighborhoods, and homes, with your taste, and flare. You make this world a better place. Thank you. Sincerely, The Smitten Traveler, and Chickenblogger.

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