Wednesday, September 29, 2021

September Farm

The light is changing. It's softer, diffused. Hard edges get a glow, and soft edges are a bit luminous. Maybe it's the angle of the sunlight, coming in lower. Maybe it's the overcast mornings, the deep marine layer, which has even brought rain. Maybe it's wishful thinking, my annual longing for any sign of fall. Happily, this year wishes are coming true, and we have had cool days, cooler nights, mists, and breezes. I have yet to see more than one tree at a time changing color, when I would love to see an entire grove or forest. But show me one branch of orange or yellow, or just dying leaves, and I feel a giddy surge of wonder, awe.
Ada is dressed for sweater weather in her golden caramel coat. She looks like a pumpkin spiced emissary, a harbinger of autumn, brisk mornings, warm mugs of favored beverages, handcrafting gifts, hygge, and nostalgia.

Some of the hens are molting, which is never a good look. Sometimes they molt very late in fall, and I feel worried for their chicken skin in the cold. They look humilitated, but it's never been fatal. I wonder if this early molt could be a sign that our fall will continue to be cool, that winter will come sooner, colder. Maybe? Maybe I am just doing more of that wishful thinking, longing to anticipate and enjoy continued good weather... rain, fog, storms, those brisk mornings.

I might go back out and sit a long while with the goats. What I would like is to stay long enough for Grace to kind of lose interest in me, so I can get more pictures of her. She is so energetic! And she's big. Bigger. She looks like a grown up goat, but still with her baby voice and enthusiam. It's not easy getting a focused photograph of her. She zooms in and pushes me, or she bolts and frolics, so I can only capture blurs and butt shots. Her youthful exuberance has influenced Tasha and Ada, who have more spring, more gambol since Grace moved in. When all three goats are out on the lawn, we all feel more spring and gambol. It's fun to be around happy goats, to feel their cheer.

Emma Thompson, our dowager hen, a Cuckoo Marans from the 2013 chicas.

Chickens, and goats, and cats in the house. That's our farm in September. Those dears, and some volunteer spoon tomatoes around the yard, and the last of the passionfruit which I should turn into curd. All that, and happy memories, and a few ideas, like planting a mandarin tree, filling in the old, broken pool, and upgrading the septic system with pits, to replace the leach field. Okay, not romantic, pretty farm talk, there! However! Once we do make a few improvements, we will have some options around bigger plans and hopes for this Big Blue House, our Bird House and Farm. One step at a time, and moving forward... it makes me eager to make this report, again, next September.


Janece said...

Ada does look lush, doesn't she?

Your farm in September is a good thing.

By the way, I used the passionfruit you gave me... I made a passionfruit quick bread. The recipe I found online was written incorrectly (or I read it wrong) and I had to improvise. It wasn't perfect but it was all eaten and enjoyed. I'm going to try it again sometime and see if I can perfect it. :)

I need a recap of your home plans. Like I said, I'm so excited for you all.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Oh, yes, indeed. Ada is Lush and golden. She's lovely in every season, but she looks made for Autumn, for cold mornings, fallen leaves, as though she might take tea in a quiet corner, with a good book.
I wonder if I can get some more passionfruit to you. I will check. And some eggs, too.
I need a recap of our home plans! I sort of regret that I haven't kept a diary, because we have been earnestly plugging away at this for six months (besides toying and wishing, and imagining for 11 years.) The ideas, requirements, logistics, and hoops really are in-depth, elaborate, evolving, and at times mind-boggling. Here is an official tid-bit: We have signed with an architect! Pinch me. I'm dreaming. There is lots more to figure out, and even more to prepare, then actually DO. But, yes, I would love to recap with you, as soon as possible.