Friday, October 01, 2021

Oh My Goats It's October

This is my picture for "Hello, it's me, October. May I come in?" It's not as though I didn't expect Ocotber. In fact I am always in a state of being eager for October. And yet. It's here, and it feels sudden, and full of urgency, expectations. "Ready or not," time seems to announce, as it stands inches from my nose, "Things are happening, and this could get messy, busy, chaotic. We are here, and coming in. Open up!" I hesitate. I stammer. Just, oh my goats... I feel so unprepared, half-dressed, apologetic, embarrassed, and it's too late to duck and hide, or bolt the door.
Months and months ago, I discovered that in my stash I had 5 skeins of chunky yarn, so I started a shawl. Maybe it's been a year. I can't remember. I do remember committing to making a very relaxed, easy pace sort of project, so it gets worked on sporadically... a classic wip: work in progress. I thought it would make a very large shawl, since it's chunky and the pattern is loose, open? Anyway. I played the game of yarn chicken with the last skein, thinking I would be able to complete one last row, but I came up short by about 6 inches from the end. Nutz. I bought one more skein, convinced it was the same yarn. It is not the same yarn. Maybe I will have to frog the last row. Maybe I will put it in a drawer and forget it exists, and deal with it later. Maybe this is not an interesting subject, and it could account for why Chickenblog will always be an odd place, for the most random and nearly pointless discussions on practically anything.

One more random, possibly pointless musing before I sign off: The hens laid eggs. They hadn't stopped, by the way. It's just that I took a picture, because I found them to be particularly beautiful. In truth, I always find them to be particularly beautiful, so there really is nothing to distinguish this event from all the other times I gathered eggs.


Happy October!

Ready or not, open the door and welcome in the possibilities, the messy, busy, urgent things, and hopefully the soothing, inspiring, joyful things, too. I know I am stalling, hesitant. But time presses on, doesn't it? Oh my goats.


Ruth said...

Happy October!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Happy October, Ruth!

angela said...

Undo the last row and crochet tighter that can sometimes make the yarn go to the end
If not use the different yarn and do a few rows to make qn interesting boarder.
Don’t just leave it. It would be a shame
Those eggs are beautiful. I miss having chickens
And goats
I’m just not well enough now to look after livestock

Little Dorrit does... said...

I have to agree with Angela it would be a shame for it to languish in a drawer. Another row or two in the new yarn will make it look intentional, and make the shawl even snugglier(apparently not a real word). Or leave it as it is and wear with pride...if anyone notices or comments just airily retort, "Imperfection is freedom!"
The eggs are very beautiful - the green one top left is the beautifullest (also not a real word) to me. Happy Goatober! X

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Good suggestion, Angela... to frog the last row, and do it again, tighter. And. I promise to not stash it away! I actually did think of using the second skein, Little Dorrit, so both of you have encouraged me to put the good ideas to work, and see it done! Thank you for nudge and encouragement!
Looking after hens and goats is not as easy as it used to be, that's for sure. The eggs are wonderful, but I need more friends that want me to share with them.
Happy Goatober, friends... and may it be the snuggliest and most beautifulest!