Wednesday, October 20, 2021

The Sweet Things

We had the pleasure of going to the reception for Michael Colletta's art exhibit. It's the first time I have seen his work, not on social media, but in person, and it was wonderful! Michael's paintings, and drawings, are so compelling, I want to hear the stories that must accompany each work. I feel like the portraits relate an, as yet, unspoken narrative, and still, I also sense Michael's quiet reserve, his modest, soft spoken nature. I am only sharing a few of the many works that are hanging at the Community Center, and I am hoping local friends will have a chance to see them in person, by November 10th.
William had an impulse to make churros, which Max had, too, last year. I remember it was on our list of things we would do for Christmas, and I even ordered a pastry bag, but we never got around to it. Now we have done it! We've made churros. It's a classic, almost cliche thing... deep fried dough, rolled in sugar? Yeah, that can't go wrong! The dough is like nothing I've worked with before, as it is heated in a pan, and then fried. We need a larger tip, so we can get the proper fluted churro look. The dough is dense, and we couldn't get it to squeeze through anything but the open pastry bag. I was a bit obsessed with how much they look like creepy fingers, especially when they fried! Too perfect for Halloween! For Christmas, I want the pretty tip, and hot chocolate! Alex made an excellent observation and put it to the test... apple churros! He sliced a Granny Smith, and we wrapped slices in the churro dough... conclusion: Apples wrapped in deep fried dough, rolled in sugar? Yeah, that can't go wrong!

Indulge me, just a moment. *sigh* Such a pleasant moment, scene. I cleared the dining table, and lit new candles, which, by the way, have the faintest hint of honey fragrance. They are from Ikea. So are the candle holders.

I don't know why I am making a promotional post for Ikea, or why I do it for any company. Except Amy's. Amy's Drive Thru was super sweet and appreciative of the time I waxed poetic about their delicious take on fast food, and how eager I am for their business to succeed and expand. They answered my letter, and were very gracious. They sent me a darling grocery tote and cap!

Whoa. I am way off topic. What was that, again? My topic?

I was thinking of a moment of calm, of feeling appreciative, and even a bit accomplished. My impulse is to see a good moment, and shoot it down with a long list of all the ways I am not succeeding. I knew, for instance, that to my left and right, behind me, upstairs, and downstairs, there are messes, and urgent tasks that are almost perpetually neglected. I should cut my hair, maybe color it. The goat's hooves need trimming. Laundry on the sofa. My bathroom needs total clearing so we can connect the solar to the electric grid in the garage. An endless list. I could torment myself all day. And I do. But! I got the table cleared, and those candles lit, and on the stove I had two pots of chili, one vegan, one turkey, both delicious. William was preparing a salad. We were all about to sit down to dinner together. I am sure I have taken this vow, before, written a similar post, but entropy is real, in the physical world, and in my thoughts and mindset... and so resetting is a necessary measure: Good enough is good enough, love and appreciation matter more than "perfection," and "perfection" is a myth, and crippling goal. Use the pretty bowls, light the candles, notice the good, don't wait to celebrate, to enjoy what's before you. Be kind and accepting of yourself. Talking to myself. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Oh gosh, the time and peace I have wasted with feeling ashamed, inadequate. I still hope to be a better person, to finally have things in order, and the calendar set to the correct month and year, but in the mean time... I have got to enjoy living, the sweet things, even with my flaws and all.


Sylvia said...

When I spent my junior year in Madrid, I fell in love with churros y chocolate! The hot chocolate was almost pudding. Ah, what a sense memory!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Oh yes, oh yes! Spanish hot chocolate is a supreme delight! I had mine in Barcelona... but of course it would be an honor to compare it with Madrid's! Chocolate española is exactly the direction we are headed for!
And... tell me more about studying abroad! Have you returned since then?