Monday, October 18, 2021

Fall Fairies and Friends

One of these days it's going to rain on our picnic, or the park will be full up... but not today! One of these picnic days I will forget to bring food, or a craft, or I'll wake up cranky, but not today. Our October picnic was met with sun and shade, breezes, autumn colors, and room to spread out, space to gather. It was ideal, again.
Spencer and Ido
Acorn and Janece
Ido and Simon
Leo, Maria and Acorn
Inspired by one of the books I ordered from The Book Catapult, I brought flowers and our wreath~corona making supplies... the same ones we brought to Maker Faires, and other community events.
Just a few mixed boquets from Trader Joes, wire and florist tape, is all it takes to get started. Maria and I soon remembered the methods and techniques we'd had so much practice with. It was fun making these, again, and fun remembering other happy times with flowers and friends.
Carol is a phenomenal talent, in all kinds of mediums. She went forest foraging, and found all kinds of beautiful materials to create with. Maybe you remember at least one of the natural arrangements she's shared with us? I count myself fortunate everytime I see Carol, and Grace's, handy work!
Acorn centered little golden leaves in her fairy wreath.
Carol's wreath (I need to find a picture of it, finished) turned out like fairy queen's!
Pretty Leslie!
Grace and Beto. Grace has leather paint, and she relaxed in the shade, finishing a shoe restoration.
Alistair brought a game... which was a big hit with the gaming bunch.
Paul brought art supplies. He's been bringing out his sketch books, sharing on Instagram!
Taco brought his frisbee, and a very soggy, torn up, beloved tennis ball! Taco knows how to have a good time!

Daniel, Bex, Paul, and Janece.

And fruit salad, and baklava, and teeny cupcakes, and sandwiches, and burrito making supplies, and lemonade, and dragon fruit!
No words...
Logan, Spencer, Leslie, Simon, Ido, Lily, Mark.
Matt and Leah
Spencer and Leslie

Ido and Mark

I think we have this worked out... come when you can, bring what you like, do what you want. We hike, we nap, we talk, we play games, and throw balls, we invent sports, and learn skills, we eat, and laugh. And no one person has to do it all, or over think anything. It really is quite simple, blissful.
Olivia arrived with these dazzling little cupcakes she made, and then she made a dazzling fairy crown.
Matt always has his picnic game in perfect order... from food to crafts, he comes prepared.
In Wisconsin, Georgia arranged a Zoom for Grandpa Phil and Maria, with Aunts Laura, and Holly. Maria's Grandpa had a book of Sandra Cisnero's poetry to share with her. He has been loving the collection of poems Maria sent him. And we are very happy to share that Phil is continuing to make healthy strides in his rehabilitation, and recovery. It was good to see him looking so well, and sounding energetic.
I love this picture Leslie took of Maria looking every bit like a content and lovely garden fairy.
Lucas, Maria, Max, and Alex.
Olivia with Taco.
Spencer and his Mommy.
A bit of paint, lots of flowers, and All Lily... she's positively fairy-like!


Ruth said...

Looks a little like Woodstock. Haha. Love the haku leis.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

For art and flowers, yeah... a little bit Woodstock. We need to add music and granola!

Janece said...

What a beautiful collection of photos - filled with beautiful personalities, creations, and community! Happy sigh. Looking forward to our next gathering in a few days. :)

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Hello, Janece. I'm glad you found this post... it was an extra good day! And yes! A new picnic day is around the corner, and I am really looking forward to this, even with the cold day forecast! I am thinking of grilling something, so we can have hot lunch!

Janece said...

Scarves, blankets, warm drinks, and food - and the dearest of company will make for a warm hearts and happy souls.