Sunday, December 20, 2020

The End of Fall

Behold! We have a beautiful bird feeder! Carol, warned me about it not being too sturdy, that the berries would dry, and parts would wither, drop off. Then another friend remarked, "I hope the cedar waxwings don't carry it away!" But that made me hopeful, too... what if the birds did come, and partake? That would be a treat to see, I imagined. I will always remember Carol's wreath as full and bountiful, even after it has faded, and this morning when I came around from feeding goats and chickens, I saw visitors! It's a poor shot, but I didn't want to startle the birds. It's a really lovely celebration of Winter Solstice, this last day of fall, to see nature enjoying a seasonal treat. I am about to fix myself a cup of tea, then sit outside... hoping to see any birds appreciating Carol's gift.
Updated! I had to take a closer look at the wreath, after seeing a comment from Carol, on Instagram. She filled in a bare spot! How sweet is she? Not only did she make us this beautiful wreath, now she's come by to add to it. She thinks it's "marvelous" that the birds are appreciating her gift, too.

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Janece said...

That's a beautiful, beautiful wreath! The photo with the bird... perfect. <3 Carol is so talented!