Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Winter Now

It's Winter, now. In Southern California, on the coast, it's necessary to announce it, to state and clarify that Fall is over, and Winter has begun, otherwise we would have no idea that anything has changed. For all we know, it could be early June. It's not impossible to tell one season from another, but we have to pay attention. Afterall, June can be cold, too. And yesterday we had temps in the 70s, which is definitely not at all cold. Signs of Winter around here... Uggs worn with shorts, flip-flops worn with down jackets, reindeer antlers on SUVs, surfers in wetsuits, Christmas trees on the beach, and tamales selling like tamales at El Nopalito.

Another sign of Winter, of holiday cheer, are all of the loving gestures and kind favors going around. School clubs sponsor Adopt a Family events to help families in need, and there are toy drives, food drives. On our bike ride, we go by a home with a table on the street, laden with snacks and water bottles, all for the delivery drivers, postal workers. Down the street, neighbors have boxes of key limes out for sharing. And on our gate, a very special treat, delivered fresh from our local mountains, by our dear friends... Carol, Grace, Leo, Bella and Michael shared their mistletoe! It's such a big, bright bunch; the best I've ever seen. And I decided that if flowers come in bouquets, and herbs in bunches, if we have a litter of kittens, and herds of cows, then mistletoe should be a kiss. A kiss of mistletoe makes a merry winter gift.
I never did come up with a plan for Solstice, but the day began pleasantly, calmly, and that's how it went, all the way to bedtime. I thought about the neighbor's limes, and hoping there were some left, I hopped on my bike and went to collect some. While I squeezed limes, Alex and Bambi opened the gingerbread house kit, then called Maria in to assist. And by sheer coincidence, a text came from Leslie... Simon, Bex, and Spencer were completing their house, too!
Later, another text popped up... "The whole thing will be devoured by tonight."
I should ammend my statement about having no plans for Solstice, because since December 1, I have had no other plan than to watch the great convergance, Saturn and Jupiter in their own winter kiss. All I needed was a clear sky, and that wish was granted. We went to a spot where we could enjoy a wide open view. We waited for the last of the sunlight to fade, and then... suddenly, there they were! And when Geoff got the binoculars on the tripod, we took turns, and were treated to Jupiter's moons, and Saturn's rings! I took fuzzy pictures, and even a selfie. I was so happy. I am still happy. I don't know if there's any point in explaining, or describing. But I am so very thankful that the stars and moon, the planets, and big skies have held my gaze this year, that I have found solace and good distraction, giddy anticipation of viewings, and all night wonders. It made me wistful, too, and I made a wish... Stay safe, friends. We are all together on this one little planet, and I can't wait to sing and dance with all of you, again.


Janece said...

I've always loved the night skies and the twinkling constellations, shooting stars and glowing planets. When I was little - my grandparents had a property on the top of a remote Northern Californian mountain. Their livable but far from finished home had a huge deck (with no railings... eep) on the second floor. It looked over a tucked-in, small valley with a small lake and on one side - a steep rise of land lined, like feathers, with evergreen trees. It was so steep... only the older cousins ever attempted to climb it. It was imposing and especially at night, would feel like it was hugging you with its closeness. We would sleep on that deck and the stars would feel extra expansive and 3-D against that evergreen cloaked incline. I remember laying there and feeling that I could feel the earth spin and see the stars moving along the horizon. It's a memory that I always have with me.

But, you, you have both reconnected me with that love and expanded it. Thank you for your joy, delight, and enthusiasm for what's happening in the universe. My world has been more beautiful because of you.

Teresa Kasner said...

Thank you for sharing your warm clear skies with me who is up here in Oregon with cloudy skies and cold. I enjoyed the young people making the gingerbread house, it turned out wonderful! And I loved the sky shots.. so pretty over the Pacific Ocean.

((hugs)), Teresa :-)

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