Tuesday, December 28, 2021

December 25th At Home Under The Rainbow

December 25th was the day we slowed everything down. Alex and Bambi had time to see her Mom and Dad. Geoff and I went for a walk... or, we intended to walk, but we were rained out. This rain is coming in cold! Instead of walking, we dashed into the market for salsa, and oat milk. And we all went to the backyard to see the rainbow. The rainbow was a double, and we could see both ends. It was a marvel!

It was also the day we lost a hen. I don't know why. She never showed signs of ailing, she didn't look as though she were injured, attacked. I found her beneath the roost. One of our three Black Australorps, Ventura. I hope it was sudden, quick. I hope there is a sunny field with seeds and low branches, running water, and good places to scratch and dust bathe, and she's there, now, with a flock of happy companions. I hope all pets and good souls go where their dreams are comforting and everlasting.

We had a sweet delivery from our dear friends. Leo was seen dashing away, and at our front door a homebaked confection, with delicious raspberries. Our side oven is small, and slow to warm up, but we were rewarded for our patience, and ate their gift on our campaign through the Witchlight Carnival, after a yummy salmon dinner. Good food pairs so nicely with rainy days at home.

Our Dungeons and Dragons adventure picked up where we left off... we began on Black Friday, which henceforth will be called Gamer Friday, because that is a better description of our day after Thanksgiving. Bambi is our DM, and we are playing The Wild Beyond the Witchlight campaign. I am a Harengon, by the way. And my name is Parsnip Coddiwomple Folklor "Fika." Maria is Caramip, and she's a gnome. We were raised together. We are at the carnival with Cehrabarq, Phil, Mr Dream, and Wort. I am pretty sure we will be at this, again, for NYE, Ground Hog Day, Valentine's Day, and any other free nights we can arrange, until we find what we are missing, and crown someone. Maria made a sketch of her Dad's character, Phil. Phil, who frequently brings out his bagpipes, sings, and generally makes things shiny.
This is a rare group shot, all of us in one photograph. It won't be enclosed in any Christmas cards. It's merit being that we are together, happy.
The young folk lined up stockings by the fireplace, in order from youngest to eldest, to cats. Cats, being old souls. Santa conveyed the message, that Cookies are not necessary. Kindly arrange for a machaca burrito for my breakfast. I thank you. Christmas wasn't cancelled or even postponed, at least, it didn't feel like that. It felt like we drew a collective breath, and very gently exhaled, savoring our time and each other's company, reflecting on the spirit of the event, mindful, thankful, peaceful, calm.


Dayle Kasner said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and all your family..

Thank you for your comment about Teresa. Was unable to reply for some reason.

Nicole MacPherson said...

Merry Christmas! Those rainbow photos - wonderful. It looks like it was a lovely day.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year, Dayle. Around your place it must look amazing with all of the snow that's been falling. I hope you are finding ways to enjoy the season.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

It was a lovely day, Nicole. The rainbow was so vivid and bold, it was insisting on the day being lovely!
I hope you are all snug and cozy as you await the New Year!

Janece said...

I'm so glad to see the photos with the rainbow! Acorn was out walking Chibi and called me to come outside (since our windows face the wrong direction, I would have missed it completely). And you instantly came to mind... hoping you were enjoying the marvel and beauty that was on display. And, I knew, as the pictures prove, that you would have a better view than we did. 🌈

Oh, Natalie -- I'm sorry to hear about Ventura. I know she is in that place you imagine. Your hens are such lucky girls to live out their lives with you.

Love your D&D family adventures! And that family picture... makes me smile every time it pops up on our digital frame.

Sakamoto - guardian of the holiday tree and gifts. An honorable position, sir.

I love that you had the presence of mind and permission to make the holiday work for you. Brilliant.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

You did it again, Janece... made my eyes almost pop out of my head, when I saw this mass of comments! Thank you! It's a second Christmas! A party!
One of my favorite things about these kind of events, exceptional sunsets, rainbows, is when all of our town is posting images of the occasion, and we share in the wonder. It's bittersweet, these days, when it's more of the remote connection we've been living with, because of COVID... sigh. I think I would have called you and implored you to come over, then rainbow gazing would have carried over into fixing dinner together, then watching youtube, playing solitaire...
Poor Ventura. Chickens are both hardy and frail, but I don't think she suffered. I really really hope she did not suffer.
D&D has been a good thing for connecting and sharing in something engaging, new. Bambi is navigating and narrating and it's made for two diverting evenings. We thought we found a "quick" game, but we just turned over the carnival map, and ahead is a far larger, more wild universe, and our missions still unfulfilled!
I am glad we could take over the calendar, too... but I already feel the time slipping away, and back to school is looming. Half way to graduation. How is this possible?

Janece said...

By the time I got back to this comment - back to school isn't just looming - it is here! I thought winter break was going to feel long this year. It did but also didn't!

I'm excited to pick up Acorn and hear the what on the new semester. :) Wishing Maria a wonderful start to her final semester too!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

They have a class together!! At last and finally, after all these years. Truly, it seems improbable that this didn't happen sooner. It really feels like a chef's kiss on their last semester, that they can sit side by side at school.
Winter break went by too quickly, and too... whatever the word we would choose for the angst and confusion that comes with Omicron. Okay, moving forward... cheers to the young folks and their big finish in high school!