Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Christmas Eve

We enjoyed a lovely Christmas Eve... our traditional brunch, in Ruth's home, again, not at the park. I am only mentioning this, because, to everyone's dismay, this is year two in a global pandemic. Not the two or three week crisis we thought it would be. I often go into great detail about things, explaining our choices, or describing how or why we did what we did, but hey! This needs no explanation, there can hardly be a soul on Earth who doesn't have some inkling of things being terribly out of sorts, of an everlasting up-side-downess to all we do, and don't do! The day before we were in four unique and far flung places at once to get boosted, to get tested... it was a modern version of "Over the River and Through the Woods!" And, happily for us, we have had a happy ending. So far, we have dodged COVID, and it's variations. And we even had long breaks in the weather so we could be in the open air, or have doors wide open! Anyway, precautions and tests, and extra concern are the new normal, and worth the effort to see family, and share in moments of connection, celebration, and making memories.

We drove through some heavy rain, then into stunning views, where the occean was silver and gold. Ruth and Holly made a lovely table of good eats, and festive drinks. We missed the cousins, Izzy and Nick, but hopefully we can squeeze in another gathering, maybe at the Zoo, or a park. Our gift exchange was a fun one, as usual. I think Maria and Holly were especially delighted... Bambi made a holiday shadowbox for Holly. It looks like Narnia, right to the lamppost, and I almost expect Mister Tumnus to step out from behind the pine, laden with parcels. For Maria, Holly procured a scroll saw cut shelf with deer and woodland motifs. It's beautiful! Lovely gifts, and laughter. I am trying to recall the details of our gathering. I think maybe the most lasting impression, is the desire for more time together, more gatherings. And if COVID and spikes in illness are going to dash our hopes, yet again, then my wish is for faith and patience. The disappointments are keen, and it's not easy being separated from loved ones, traditions, peace of mind, but with patience, faith, and hope, I am looking forward to more days like this, with loved ones, and laughter.


Janece said...

I love that you were able to get together!

And Maria's gift? What is it? It's fabulous and I'm intrigued!! Oh! I've read farther down... a shelf! Fantastic find, Holly!!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Yes, a shelf, and I need to get a better picture of it. It's super darling. I am glad we got together, too.
You know... every gathering we can safely pull off feels like jumping a hurdle, and also really good, precious. I wish we could know when we will be through this trial, these barriers. It's strange to feel wistful, nostalgic, for open hugs, big and spontaneous gatherings, and not thinking, and overthinking, how best to do things.