Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Happy Winter Goats!

Happy goats, thanks to Geoff! Geoff joined a buy nothing group and his first success happened tonight, when he was offered straw bales, and they were just around the corner! I think the church must have put up a Nativity scene. So, he and I are back from grabbing four bales and stuffing them in the mini-van, S'more. They just fit. Snuggly. And now they are all set up for the goats! I arranged them, while Geoff vacuumed the van. I am delighted, more than you might expect for some straw. There is a lot of rain and more cold weather in our forecast. Straw bales are the trick for making mud-free zones, which the goats love, creating wind blocks and some insulation, and everyone, chickens and goats, enjoy nibbling, scratching, pecking, stomping, and jumping and napping on the bales! Because of the straw, we have happier and cozier goats and hens. I hadn't thought of this useful measure, and it's just good luck and chance that we have everything ready, now... so, what better way to say Welcome, Winter! We are ready for you! Some of the pictures look a little spooky... like we have ghoasts! Instead of saying Boo, like regular ghosts, ghoasts say Baa! Good night, folks. I'll be here all week!


Ruth said...

Well, this is a true Christmas story. What lovely golden hay bales.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

I am glad you enjoyed our Christmas story. A little adventure, and a happy ending are welcome!