Tuesday, February 08, 2022

Words and Pictures

Chickenblog is my safety valve. I am not sure whether this is a recurring, semi-annual revelation, or a whole new epiphany. Just now, with little or no significant news or content to share, I am thankful, relieved, to have time to sit at my computer, format photographs, to reflect on my thoughts, and impressions, and then lay it all out, here... all of my little darlings. I don't kill them, or rarely do, but I publish them, and take some comfort in the small head space that gets freed up, afterwards. Ahhh, I sigh, metaphorically.
This season is so busy, so full. And I am reluctant to describe it thus, because it is cliché, and at times even hyperbolic, to be busy, to compare one's busy-ness, to list all of the deadlines, goal posts, laundry lists, to bullet point the tasks at hand. Sometimes, we don't exaggerate. Sometimes the cliché, is not mere banality, but simple truth. Geoff is working 7 days a week and late into the night. Max has taken on overtime hours, too. Alex, and Bambi are tackling home projects, like removing a dead tree, laying paving stones, hauling things here, and there. William is reorganizing rooms, hauling things here, and there. He's also rebuiling a cart, modeling it and designing the new table top, the facing around the drawers. He's making a stand for a mask... commissioned work. He did some photo re-touching. Maria has school, and robotics, and other clubs. She has big and small projects to think about, including the FIRST regional competition coming up, learning how to silk-screen Tshirts. Even the busy-ness adjacent to our home kind of spills over... next door, the Old Place is all but gone, and the big trucks, massive dumpsters, haulers, crew, and heavy equipment crawl over the property all day long. In twelve years living here we have never had a break from big construction projects happening on any side of our home... North, South, East, and West. And of course, we have our own big construction project, in house! Mike is rebuilding our shower, now. His work is coming along, as evidenced by the heaps of stuff that is being hauled to our dumpster! I finally found light fixtures, and... should the light fixtures match, or complement the faucet? They don't, it just occurs to me. I am getting the uneasy feeling that it's not going to look so good, having old bronze sconces above a chrome faucet. Ah, nutz.
This not the tub framing. A lot of that wood went into reframing the shower, thankfully. This is not the flooring, nor the old shower tiles. I believe this is what was beneath the old shower tiles. And maybe some flooring? It's a lot, that much I can confirm! William is carting it all up to the dumpster today. The cool, helpful part of this was that the old tub had a trapdoor beneath, so Mike could drop a lot of the demo material down through the trap door. I am so tempted to keep the trapdoor! The window on the first floor is in the laundry room, and I could just keep a cart below the hole in the floor, so dirty clothes could be dropped down, then wheeled into the laundry room. (Approximately 42% of my harebrained ideas are put into action, which is kind of awesome, really.)
Geoff, when he's listening to another of my harebrained ideas. Actually, this was Sunday night, when we had the brilliant idea to go out for tacos. This place we like has lots of outdoor seating, and we can isolate, like the true shy, reclusive introverts that we are, and eat delicious tacos.
Tacos. This. This might be my New Year Resolution, my word of the year! Tacos. Make them, sample them, enjoy tacos, and share tacos, visit taco shops, and travel to taco destinations. Be taco mindful. Be the taco of the party. Be complete, flavorful, be satisfied, and healthy, like a taco. Express my heritage and culture, taco-bout the good in the world, and bring more goodness to the world.
Besides, tacos, here are some things that have stirred my heart, of late: Wallpaper. And bulbs. I can't hang wallpaper... not well enough to invest in rolls, like this one, but if I could, there would be, at least, one wall of this paper, of flying pigs, and rabbits in tophats, on our restroom wall. And I would swoon for it. I have swooned for these muscari bulbs, just beginning to bloom. Their tiny bell flowers peeping open in striking berry blue spires. The papery bulbs huddled together, emassed in the terra-cotta pot. I felt a teeny bit magnanimous for bringing home only one pot... let everyone have a chance to bring their own home, too, I reasoned. My heart is stirred. It's dusty and busy, and noisy, and lots of things are spilling over, and some of it is too much. And hasn't that been too frequent, this business of "too much?" Oh, we all could use a break, for certain. I hope you find some bulbs, just beginning to bloom, or something whimisical, even if you can only have a sample to admire, and that you feel an affectionate longing, an aspiration that stirs your heart.
Ahhhh. I read Tasha's expression as serenity, as though she is so balanced and mindful, that all of the noise and busy-ness of the world cannot rattle her bliss. In an alternate universe, she is leading us in meditation. Close your eyes, inhale. In. Out. The sun is warm on your face, and only bird song reaches your ears. The World is soft, and we are here to admire her blossoms, to breath in, and slowly out. We are nourished by dreams, and carried on the wings of our best intentions. Breath in, and slowly out. Share your little darlings, your harebrained ideas, your seeds, and hopes... send them out, tend them, and see what grows. Tasha nods knowingly, speaks affirmatively, then we all take tea in the garden, where there are rabbits in tophats, rattys gathering bouquets.


Nicole said...

Word of the year: tacos! Omg, I love this so much. I spit out my coffee laughing. Practicing taco mindfulness, yes!

Cindy said...

Natalie! Holy moley! What a writer you are (and always are) but this post bowls me over.I will copy these words out in beautiful script and enjoy them and live with them near me to enjoy whenever I want. Thank you for the beautiful gift.

Alicia P. said...

I’ve never had a word of the year but I think tacos should be it. Or maybe chicken sandwich.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Nicole! Now I am laughing. We are in good humor, overflowing even, like two well-made tacos! Happy New Year, to us!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Cindy, thank you. Holy moley, you, for making me feel so appreciated. Am I "beautiful script" worthy? I already found typos, but you are kind, understanding, and I have enjoyed a secret smile, all day long, thinking of your sweet message.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

When it's the right chicken sandwich, then you know, and it can sustain you, mind, body and soul. It's a mantra, inspiration, and motivation. Embrace your word(s) of the year, lean into the whole grain, the condiments, the finger-licking tastiness of life! And, thanks for playing along with me... whimsy loves company.

Janece said...

Paul and I would love to meet up with you one of these times at ye ol' socially distanced awesome taco place. ;)

And Tasha - I love her. And I love you!!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Tasha loves you back! Hey, anytime you guys want to Taco Time, I am all in!