Sunday, February 06, 2022

Wish You Were Here

Sometimes you just gotta get away! Actually, we are in search of things to complete projects, and online shopping just isn't cutting it. Geoff, William, Maria, and I decided to pay a visit to a favorite salvage shop. It's the kind of place where you might find anything, and I always love seeing what's new, and old, unique, care worn, delightful. We didnt find bathroom light fixtures, but Geoff found some parts he has plans for, and so did William. Maria and I added a few more stops, around the corner, which was inspiring, fun.
What is it about patina and rust, old paint, old brass, old glass, and new ideas, that makes me feel so refreshed, recharged? And then it got me feeling nostalgic for our last visit to Portland, Oregon, traveling, roadtrips, new scenery, exploration, and discovery. I miss it all.
When it was clear that William and Geoff were going to need more time with door knobs and rosettes, Maria and I wandered down the street, around some corners, and we were not disappointed.

We came upon a botanical boutique, Craftmossphere! It was rather serendipitous, as we have been in deep talks about making moss walls, and moss centerpieces, of late. And I had just been discussing a certain brand of incense that is my absolute favorite: Sea Witch Botanicals, which I discovered in Portland, at Paxton Gate, naturally. And! Furthermore, that Sea Witch Botanicals had begun following Benevolent Order of Makers on Instagram, something both serendipitous and deeply gratifying, because I deeply appreciate reciprocity with the BOoMNerds. And, Craftmossphere is a very Makery sort of environ, with supplies, and workshops, greenery and inspiration on every wall and surface, so you can imagine our smitten state. I have very firm convictions that Craftmossphere should carry Maria's art, especially her dream portrait, in their shop, because it suits the space. Maria is eager to go back and see what she can bring into her bedroom, which she has dreamy plans for. Anyway, I am in a contented, inspired state, and thankful for the way it feels to get out, to find novelties, as well as connections, familiar, endearing. And I am thankful, too, for being able to take pictures, which are like my own postcards, so I can bring the pictures out and recall the happy places I have been, and I can write on the back of them, or on this blog... Wish you were here! and sign it with Love.

Bird House Notes: Bath tile update... ugh! Even though I finally got tile picked, ordered, and delivered, I had to do something over. I chose tiles too large for the floor; they won't slope to the drain. Now, with more pressure than ever, I had to go back and find small tiles. I've changed colors, patterns, and styles so many times, I feel like I don't recognize the Final Vision for the bathroom. It's a good thing I hadn't bought paint, because the color scheme is different, again. Otherwise, everything is going well, and Mike is making a quick and tidy job of clearing out all of the old stuff. I am so thankful for his input and guidance. You know, I was imagining doing one post when the bathroom was done... a big reveal, but now I am tempted to show what we had, where we are today, and maybe getting some input about the paint...? Maybe? February 3, 2022

We were looking for light fixtures for around the bathroom sink and mirror, and so far we haven't found what we would like. I am also on the lookout for freestanding cabinets/storage, also for our bathroom. It's a big room, actually, especially with the tub out, and it easily has the very best views in the house... it's almost like an executive's corner office. Fortunately, the commode is in its own closet, so there's no awkwardness about the 'rest' room we are creating. As generous as they were with the whole bathroom, the closet is definitely on the smaller side, which is why I am keen to find some effective storage solutions. February 7, 2022


Nicole MacPherson said...

What a cool place! Oh, I could spend hours looking around!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

The stair rails are my favorite... a random mix-up of posts, odds and ends. I never can seem to settle on one style, so this suits me to a T!

Janece said...

This post is reminding me fondly of Hippo Hardware in PDX. I haven't been to Architectural Salvage. It's clearly a must and I need to put it on your list of places to see and explore soon!!

And, I'm really vibing on the Sea Witch Botanicals incense. I'm gonna have to check that out too!!!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Oh, man, PDX is the ultimate for shopping bounty! In Portland, as you know, you can go to many neighborhoods, streets, and find this kind of one-of-a-kind browsing bliss, walking forever, and be surrounded by art, funky, fabulous, upbeat, offbeat, awesomeness. Around here, we sometimes walk one block or hit 2-3 shops and invariably one of us will state: "There's just a smattering of PDX here," then we sigh, wistfully.