Tuesday, March 01, 2022


February! Faces! Flowers! Technically, it is still Winter, but maybe late in February we have been blessed with glimpses of an early Spring. It's been a very long Winter, kind of a groundhog repitition of days, countless days, since March 2020, waiting for a pandemic to recede, for glimmers of normalcy. At least it warmed up for an afternoon of crafting, and friends came to help us with an old favorite... flower making. Suitable for any occasion, we are making lots and lots of paper flowers, with help from our friends. Lucas, Tutu Ruth, Gordon, and Anna Banana joined us, and many hands really do make light work! Even while learning, and chatting, sipping tea and sampling cookies and Ruth's power treats, we managed to fill up two long boxes with cheery, festive flowers. Then Alex and Bambi strung them up to see how they look as garlands. And in the midst of all that, we began an early celebration of William's birthday. Anne and I talked weddings. Adam and Hanabi are engaged, and will wed in Japan this Fall. I searched around for an old post about Adam, and found a perfect one. And since this "paragraph" is chock full, I will take this moment to add: Tamsyn is coming to see us this summer! Yes, I am resolved... these are happy glimpses of happy prospects, a year of dear faces, and flowers, and celebrations, gatherings, good health, good will. Make it so.
And Making! I declare this a year of making. We haven't slowed down on the making, and recently things have really picked up speed, especially between William and Geoff. If Geoff isn't at his work desk, then he is at his tinkering desk. His latest marvel is an old butler's phone (I can't find a good example. I guess you'd have one between your study and the butler's pantry?) that he re-wired for blue tooth, so that you can use it to call Siri. It's a speaker phone. It's also a charging station. Honestly, I don't think I am doing this wizardry justice. How about a sample?

And today. Today is William's birthday. First born. The one that made me a Mom, and Geoff a Dad. This should be all about him, but I can't help including how dear and personal this day is to me, because of him. I have dearly loved being a Mom, being his Mom. Parenting can't be what we think it will be, or what we imagine it might be. It comes with challenges, wonders, joys, that can never be foreseen, but I feel tremendous gratitude, and hope. His story, his journey, is compelling, worthwhile, and I am as delighted, honored, as ever to see it all unfold, to be included in his life. He is making a nest box for the chickens... taking another of my harebrained ideas and making it a reality, so that our old bathroom sinks will be built into nestboxes, for my silly hens. If they won't lay in there, then we will switch to Plan B, and fill them with flowers... Sweet William, being my first choice. William is continuing work on the food cart, modifying old door knobs to fit into contemporary hardware, building a paper moon, assembling furniture for the nearly completed bathroom, and more. Happy Birthday, William! Happy making and curating, baking, cooking, running, reading, happy movie watching, and linguistic studies, happy you, and happy us to know and love you.

Bird House Notes: A storm came through and the thunder and lightning were so intense, even Maria woke up. We held hands in the dark, and fell asleep to heavy rain pattering on the roof. We are so fortunate. March 4, 2022


Nicole said...

Happy birthday William!!!

FLOWERSSSSSSSSSS! I love the "made" ones too!

Cat said...

Flowers and family, two lovely and wonderful things!

Ruth said...

Happy Birthday, dear William!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

The made ones are so much fun to make, and easy, too!
And thank you for the birthday wish... I will share with William.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

I heartily agree, Cat! Flowers and family are wonders.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Ruth, I am so glad you were here to start off the celebrating!

Janece said...

Happy Belated Birthday, William! 🎂🎂