Saturday, June 22, 2013

Remembering June 9, 2006

Adam, Alex, and Nick

I remember this wild day, seven years ago, when we had a really fun celebration of Alex's twelfth birthday. My brother, Bill, got us in touch with his friend, Ben... and Ben came with a van full of his amazing collection of exotic pets. Amazing. The funny thing, now, is not how big that snake is, but how big and mature, and grown-up these three boys are... all of the children in this memorable post!

Adam graduated from high school!

Alex is out of high school, too, and just finished a very successful first college year.

Nick is done with junior high, and enjoyed a winning basketball season.

Jacob is a graduate of UCLA.

Tamsyn is traveling around, after enjoying her first year studying in Edinburgh.

William continues studying computer graphics, and has gained some great construction skills.

Max has finished a very successful first year of high school.

Izzy, the bitty baby in this post, is in grade school!

And Maria is today on the brink of being a third grader!

The memories are fun, and the future is promising.


ArtyZen said...

Lovely! So much changes and seven years is really not so long, is it? My middle son, Ruy, graduated from Primary yesterday and will start in Secondary in's a big move.
Maria is just so dinky and cute in this photo!

Rachy said...

What wonderful pictures of great memories and haven't they grown!!!

You are a proud Mommy indeed :) x