Monday, June 17, 2013

Chez Berry Face

When she isn't swimming, reading, puttering in the garden, reading maps, searching through Wikipedia, operating the metal detector, collecting specimens, or drawing... you might find Maria in the kitchen, developing a new recipe, or hoping to help with dinner. She is a good sous chef. And if you haven't heard, she will be opening a restaurant someday. She has the name picked out, and regularly discusses the specific business plans and menu details. This discussion has been going on for four years. Her dedication is remarkable.

Here's a little preview of her latest culinary endeavors, and technique. She begins with some locally grown, organic berries... she's good that way, and then she found grapes (organic, too, because sometimes you cannot make an exception,) almonds, and toothpicks. She slices the grapes, pokes them through with the toothpicks, and adds the details with almond slivers.

Berry happy face!

Make your reservations early, and arrive hungry. Maria's place is going to be special.


Sara at Come Away With Me said...

It's good to have family and get together even if you do make them open their gifts just as they are leaving and people are waiting in cars!

I really like Annie the chicken's portrait at the top of your sidebar too. How elegant she is in her black and white stripes.

Janece said...

She's a genius! This is brilliant! I can't wait to be a regular at Maria's!