Friday, June 21, 2013

I Just Want To Sew

Yesterday I slipped into a state of blissful contentment. I was pressing fat quarters, turning their edges, and sewing them in preparation for these kitchen cloths I am so fond of crocheting. I used to feel apologetic for not having a precise and rational excuse for making them, but now I know how nice they are to have around... to cover baked bread, or a bowl of rising dough, to cover any food at a picnic, as large napkins, as a hostess gift. And the process of making them puts me in a mellow-meditative trance, which is good, too. I plan on bringing some of these on a flight this summer, so my mind can be soothed and distracted... perfect beginning to a vacation, I think!

I was so pleased with my industry! And this in spite of the fact that my industry was not applied where it is actually needed. Do you ever have one of those days when you don't tackle the very necessary jobs, but instead zone-out with something horribly meaningless, and then come to the end of the day with nothing to show for it, but dread, guilt, and regret? No? Me neither. Well. Yesterday, at the end of the day, I had no regrets, (and only a smattering of dread, never mind that bit,) but I also had twelve pressed and stitched kitchen cloths, and a quilt ever closer to completion, so yeah!

I employed the hands of all the resident and visiting peoples and got them to help me sandwich the quilt top I finished. The bottom is a buttery smooth, flat sheet of organic cotton. The middle is an old Ikea comforter. Alex helped me choose a coffee'n'cream colored sheet. It looks warm and cozy next to the red edging and binding, and it will wear well for a quilt bound for the barn and backyard picnics. It was a big job that I was sure would be a tad frustrating to do alone, but with help from Celine, James, Alex, and Max it was so easy, and fast! And in spite of Mister Foo attacking me at regular intervals, I even managed to begin tacking it with embroidery floss. Little ties. Little ties. Lots and lots of little ties!

It's so soft and lofty! Benjamin agrees! I wasn't going to post about it again... not until it's actually finished. I guess sharing is fun, too hard to resist. And besides, look at Benjamin, all handsome and whiskery, and dear. I couldn't not share pictures of a handsome kitty.

Hello, handsome kitty.

Today. Today I should make a list, and do stuff from the list. Seriously. Purposefully. Diligently, and devotedly.

Recently I read that a good writer avoids alliteration.

Well. We won't wonder wether I would weather the whims of a writer's review!

Oh, dear. I have wandered from my purposeful path, again.

A List of The Very Important and Undeniably Urgent Duties of Natalie, the Chickenblogger:

Get the mail
Look for Suki's mail
Remind Suki that she has two closets full of things she may want to claim

Pay bills
Collect the wool roving Mysterious Foo has been tearing and dragging everywhere
Get new tires for the Jet Puff
Have Jet Puff tuned, and adjusted, and cleaned
Make front office into a lovely bedroom for Grandmother
Delegate chores and labors to children...

I am going to stop here. There's more, but I just spent the last five minutes pretending to think of "important things," which really amounts to daydreaming and gazing out the window, which might be construed as slacking, procrastination. I need to get things done, and if I am going to be a slacker, well, I'd rather be sewing than gazing.


Janece said...

I think you should open a little store to sell some of your kitchen towels. I know I would be a regular customer. :)

And Benjamin is so peaceful and happy on that quilt. He's such a sweet, handsome boy!

Anna Banana said...

No no no. A list should have no more than 3 items, one of which should be self care. IMHO.

Kim said...

You are witty with that alliteration! The quilt looks great. Almost finished and ready for snuggling in the fall.

nikkipolani said...

I do just as you do -- veer off to something a lot less urgent. Ah, well. There will always be lists! But photos of that debonair Benjamin can't wait.